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Online Chat Rooms - Chatiw
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Chatiw is a popular online chat room that many single people use to increase their friend groups. This platform is very simple to use. That is why many users around the world prefer Chatiw. So if you want to build friendships, then certainly make use of this online chat room. But if you want some other alternatives to Chatiw, then it is available here. We have gathered the list of Chatiw alternatives for you. You can choose the best messaging online platform from the list and enjoy it. Also, do not forget to select the one with good features and an easy interface. Then you can have a great experience. Further, there is security too in these alternatives so you can have a safe time.  

1. E-chat 

You must have heard about E-chat because it is a well-known online messaging platform. With this chat room, you can chat with your dear ones easily without any issues. Also, it has the backing of OTR encryption. That is why it is a great Chatiw alternative for you. It has all the modern features that will make your messaging experience excellent. Therefore do not miss this online chat room. You can try using it to learn about its features. 

2. ChatStep

Communication is important in times such as these. That is why it is always nice to talk with people. You can use ChatStep, a great online chat facility that allows you to talk with your buddies. Also, you can talk with them in personal chats or groups. You can create groups with your friends’ group easily to talk with them. That is why this is also a great alternative to Chatiw. But you have to create an account on the site to have your own space to chat with others. 

3. ChatCrypt

This is another great alternative to Chatiw. It is one of the best online platforms in the world for single people to meet their matches. Also, there is a way to talk with friends and strangers easily. For that, you have to create a chat group and talk with the people you wish. You will receive a username and a password that helps you chat with your friends and new friends. Also, the security system in this online messaging app is great. 

4. Kandan

You can create your chat server in minutes in Kandan. It is an open-source platform for people who like to chat. Also, it is one of the fastest and safest chats. You can find it in browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. Further, this is a great platform that offers you the features to stay connected with your friends. Many features in it make the process easy. That is why this is also a great alternative to Chatiw. 

5. ShockRooms

This is a popular app used by many people all over the world. Mostly it is preferred by the younger generation. Also, this is a great web chat room that helps you make new friends and stay connected with them. If you want to date someone online, then this is a great app. You can have a good time with this app. Many features in this app will make your experience easy, and it is safe too. Further, the visitors can text as well as video chat through this online platform. 

6. Chat Secure

This online chat room will offer you the security you need when chatting with someone. So your messages will not be read by others because of OTR. It is a free messaging platform that offers you the services for free. Hence it is a great alternative to Chatiw. Many youngsters use this app to stay in touch with their friends. 

7. Zobe

If you want to meet new people, then the Zobe online chat room is the one for you. With this platform, you can meet new friends and also chat with them. Also, this site will offer a great time because of its amazing features. There is a great style in this app that elevates the traditional style of chatting. That is why many people love it. You, too, can use this online chat room as an alternative to Chatiw. 

8. OMG Chat

This is a free webcam platform for you to communicate with your friends. It has a big chatting community so you can meet new people. Also, this is a great platform for people who like to make friends from other countries. The video chatting feature is open to all users. Further, you need not pay to use this app as it is for free. That is why you can use OMG chat as an alternative to Chatiw. 

9. Bit Chat

This online chat room will offer you the protection you require when chatting. All the messages in it will be encrypted, so no one will be able to read your chats. Also, you can meet new people in this online chat room and become friends with them. You can connect with them easily as there are many features in it. When you enter the site and create an account, you will get a password to enter your chats. Therefore you can try this online chat room. 

10. Z Chat

If you are a young user, Z Chat will be a great online chat room site. The interface in this platform is clean. Also, the beautiful environment in this app will be eye-catching for you. That is why many people like to use it to chat with their friends. Further, you can make new friends on this platform easily. This website is also user-friendly, so it is easy to access your friends. It does not intimidate you with different kinds of hurdles to make your experience challenging. 


These are the online chat rooms similar to Chatiw you can use as an alternative. These platforms are secure and easy to use. Also, as security is important during these times, you can use these apps to make new friends. 

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