What is the Role of Surgical Face Masks in the Medical Field?

Surgical Face Masks

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has skyrocketed the use of facemasks. It has become the norm to wear a facemask in recent days. COVID-19 is among respiratory diseases that spread fast and is the cause of many deaths. 

Health experts recommend the use of surgical facemasks as one of the essential tools in curbing the menace. Governments worldwide put in place strict regulations on wearing face masks. Surgical masks from MedCart have contributed majorly to the reduction of the number of infected persons.

Did you know that masks were a regular item in the medical field before COVID-19? Unfortunately, not everyone knows this. The face mask has had a significant role in the medical field for so long. Below are some of the roles of the face mask.

During Surgery

Have you ever seen a surgical operation being carried out in real life? Or have you ever watched a movie where a medical operation is being performed? Whether yes or no, on both occasions, masks are worn.

Since time immemorial, masks have always been adorned by the surgical team and the surgeon. Cleanliness is an important virtue that has no compromise in the medical field. And to maintain this, surgeons have to wear face masks, among other garments. 

Protection against germs

In this case, masks offer protection in two ways. The first way is by protecting the patient from germs. The wound gotten from the surgery is fragile and may be subjected to germs.

These germs may cause wound infections, delaying the healing process. To avoid this, the surgical team must wear their masks correctly. The other side of this is that it prevents blood splashing on the surgeon.

Blood is an agent that carries many diseases. To protect the surgical team from contracting potential diseases, they need masks. After the procedure, the masks have to be appropriately disposed of. 

Curbing the Spread of Diseases

Doctors and nurses, among other medical staff, work under hazardous conditions. Medical staff is always at the highest risk of contracting and spreading diseases. This is evident from the events of COVID-19. 

Medical staff always comes into proximity to the sick. Hence, they may be the largest spreaders of disease. To curb this, facemasks have to be worn properly.

On the other hand, face masks minimize the spread of respiratory disease. Diseases such as COVID-19 are spreading through expiratory droplets. These droplets are expelled when coughing or even talking and breathing.

To curb these, the masses are advised to wear masks as one method of curbing the spread. This is evident from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Spanish flu pandemic of the early 1900s. 

Bottom Line

Face masks have a very vital role in the medical field. They are worn in areas or when there are high transmission rates of respiratory diseases. Caregivers have to wear masks at all times when working in the hospitals. Masks from MedCart have helped curb the spread of diseases. 

Suppose you have been wondering about the role of face masks in the medical field. The content herein covers the niche. Read the information above carefully.