What is KissAnime? Is KissAnime Down Permanently? KissAnime APK

What is KissAnime
KissAnime is not working? Here are Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternative Websites to Watch Free Online Cartoon Series, Animated Movies, Anime Videos and Clips in 2020.

KissAnime is an anime movie website that is popular in the world. It is a website that offers a wide range of anime and anime manga content for viewers. There are a lot of people all around the world who love anime movies and videos. 

KissAnime is one such treasure online for manga and anime lovers. The website was very popular for its content. But recently the makers and owners of the website shared the bad news. The anime content website KissAnime is shutting down permanently. This news hit people all over the world. 

Continue to read through the article to know what is KissAnime? What happened to KissAnime? Why is KissAnime so popular? Why is KissAnime shut down? To find answers to the above-mentioned question read the latter part of the article.

What is the meaning of Anime? 

In the first place anime is a type of Japanese movie. Anime is a short form of animation movies. So, anime is a Japanese style animation movie. This genre of movie is very popular in recent times. Both adults and children enjoy watching them. Usually, anime movies contain a more artistic scene. They are richer in dramatization and attract the viewers. 

Anime movies are very different from cartoons made by Hollywood

Who started KissAnime online streaming platform? 

In the first place, KissAnime is one of the sister companies of a large organization. The website started in 2012. It was in existence for eight long years. KissAnime registered its .com in the year 2012. Later on, in the year 2016 the registration of .ru domain took place. 

The main reason for the change in the domain of the website changes in Japanese law. The new Japanese law is strict on online piracy. So, KissAnime makers decided to update its domain. But in the year 2017, US officials targeted the website. 

A company based in the United States of America issued a subpoena to KissAnime. The name of the company is FUNimation. This company is a famous online streaming platform in the industry. They include the best and latest anime videos and movies. 

The subpoena issued by the FUNimation stated that KissAnime was violating copyright laws. It also, mentioned that the company was infringing the copyright law on large scale. Finally, the Subpoena issued by FUNimation mentioned that KissAnime was violating the law for profit reasons. 

Following the Subpoena, Australian government blocked the website. This was only first step taken by the government officials to regulate the website. Soon in the year 2020 the website shut down permanently. The reason for the shutdown of KissAnime website is listed in the later parts of the article. 

A brief on KissAnime- an online streaming platform 

As stated before in the article KissAnime is a website that contains anime and manga content. KissAnime is one of the best sites for the above-said content. Tough anime genres of movies are becoming popular yet there are no places to watch them. 

Additionally, anime movies and videos are very popular among young people today. The fans of such movies are always looking for websites to watch them. Not many main streaming platforms offer this genre of movies. Prime and Netflix are just entering the field of streaming anime. So, in such a case there are only a handful of websites that stream anime movies.

 One such site that streams anime and manga movies is KissAnime. 

Are there any other platforms to watch anime? 

Yes, there are handfuls of platforms to watch anime as mentioned-above. Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and view star are some of the platforms for watching anime. But these platforms are not budget-friendly, they are very costly. Since not all the fans can afford such pricey websites KissAnime website began. 

KissAnime is a part of a big franchise that owns multiple entertainment sites. KissAnime is one of the websites by the parent company that hosts most anime movies. The website hosts multiple anime videos as well. The best part of the KissAnime website is that it offers the visitor to watch the movies for free. 

The website is one of the best platforms to watch anime genre movies and videos. Several viewers all over the world access the website to watch these videos. The website includes dubbed and un-dubbed anime movies. But unfortunately, visitors are not able to access the website. Every time fans are trying to access the site they receive a message instead. 

In the coming part of the article, we will see what happened to KissAnime and the reason for its shutdown?

Why is KissAnime so popular? 

As stated in the earlier part of the article KissAnime is a popular anime streaming website. There are many reasons for the site is popular among the views. The two main reasons for the popularity of the website are as follows:

  1. The first reason for its popularity is it’s one of the streaming sites online for anime movies. There are not many sites that stream anime movies. KissAnime is an online streaming site that offers multiple anime movies and videos.
  2. The next important reason why the website is popular is its cost to view the videos. KissAnime offer viewers free of cost opportunity to watch anime movies. The above-mentioned two reasons are the real reason behind the popularity of the website. 

What happened to the KissAnime website? 

The popularity of the website is the main reason why people from all over the world try to access it. Apart from this, the content offered at the site is best. Even more, the viewers can watch videos of anime and manga without paying much. This is not the case in other anime streaming websites. 

But recently the visitor of the website is met with a message. The green screen of the website with tabs for various categories is not appearing. On visiting the KissAnime website a single sentence appears on the white screen. This is happening for a long time now. 

The reason behind the issue is that the site is shut down. Fans of anime are utterly disappointed. Furthermore, the visitors to the website are sad as they no longer can watch anime videos. Further, on opening the website viewers greeted with a thank you. Also, informing that the removing of content of the website due to copyright issues. 

Besides, to the website, the same message is circulating on the Instagram page of website owners. Overall, it is clear that the KissAnime website for online anime videos is shut down forever. 

What is the main reason for the shutdown of the website? 

As mentioned in the history paragraph of the article KissAnime Australian government blocked it. The main reason for this is a violation of copyright law. Further, one of the best competitors of the website issued a subpoena. This puts pressure on the company and bad publicity.

In addition to this, the New Japanese law is strict on piracy issues. The company changed its domain from .com to .ru. Yet, this did not help them much. After eight years since their initiation KissAnime shut down.

How is the reaction of KissAnime shut down? 

The reaction to the shutdown of the KissAnime website is different. On one side there is a belief that shutdown is a necessary step. They believe that the step was important for the protection of online media piracy. With an increase in online content, piracy is a big issue. Strict steps like shut down is needful to regulate it. 

As KissAnime website is universally known to infringe copyright law. Sometimes the site also includes malware in their advertisements. So, the shutdown of the website is a regulation method to control media piracy. 

On the other hand, the fans of Anime videos and movies are not happy. The shutdown of KissAnime was not happy news for many in the world. This is because the website was best in many things. It offered streaming of anime genre movies in places where it was not available. 

A number of fans in various countries have no access to such videos. KissAnime was the only platform to view them for free of cost. Apart from this KissAnime website was an archive of old anime videos. It contained 1990 original anime movies, which is not available now. 

Tough some copies of original movies are physically available it is hard to find. The fans also argued that physical copies perish after some time. But online library like KissAnime was important. Hence, the reaction to the shutdown of the website is in two different ways. 

Even more, memes on the shutdown of the website circulated.

Bottom Line

KissAnime website is one of the popular streaming platforms online. The website was famous for streaming anime genre movies and videos. Apart from this, it offered its services to various countries that did not have access to such videos.

The condemnations of website shutdown are only made by a few. But on the other hand rest believes that shut down is a necessary step. They agree with the measure as it is important for the protection of media piracy.

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