Things to know About Dual Cab Canopy

Things to know About Dual Cab Canopy

Canopies are one of the famous and well-known accessories of the vehicles, and Ute canopy is trendy and abundantly used in the region of Australia. There is a wide variety of Ute canopy in this region, and these products vary from design to their sizes. Ute canopies are the third most used vehicle in Australia after cars and trucks. The Canopy can be a single cab or can be a dual cab. But in this article, we are going to discuss the dual cab canopy.

Dual cab canopy is more likely to be used on a domestic level rather than on commercial level because it has a small canopy tray and more sitting area than a single cab canopy. Due to the extra passenger seat, it is more preferred by families for traveling in a group or with luggage. Ute canopy is installed on the rear tray of the vehicle with roof, shelves, ladder rack; etc. It can be designed and modified according to the owner’s requirements and discretion.

Size and design of Dual Cab Canopy

The size of the tray or tub of dual cab canopy is mostly 1800mm in length and 1800mm in width. Size may vary in length, but the width is almost the same in all models of different companies. The height of the canopy is almost 850 mm. The length of the canopy may be increased due to an extra passenger row in the vehicle.

Designs are mostly customized, which suits the vehicle body and needs of the owner. Inside the Ute canopy, built-in lights are fitted, doors and windows can open even the roof can be lifted, but it can’t carry heavy and huge in size tools. These canopies are fitted on the 4WD vehicle, and their back trays are quite tough.

Difference between single and Dual Canopy

Differences between both the cab canopies are as follows:

Single cab canopy has 2 seats while dual cab has 4 seats or in some models, 5 seat canopies are also available.

The single cab is 2 door vehicles, on the other hand, dual have 4 doors, 2 are front doors, and 2 are rear doors.

Single models have extended tray and can load heavy and huge equipment up to 1000kgs while dual models have a limited area of canopy tray and can’t carry huge tools.

Key features of Dual Cab Canopy

Canopies are very useful due to their durability and multipurpose. Advantages of using a dual cab canopy are mentioned below:

Security: Ute canopy awesome weather protection. They have T-lock keys that are very strong and also have a checker plate, which makes it durable and gives long-lasting reliability and security.

Waterproof:  The outer roof of the cab is found covered completely with hinges, and the inner area is sealed with different sealing materials like thermoplastics which make the cab water-resistant and prevent the rain from dripping inside the vehicle.

Rust and corrosion repulsive: Canopies are built of kinds of alloy and with some chemical coat that secure the cab from getting rusted and decayed

Accommodation: Dual cab canopy has a key and it is built with an extra passenger seat, which makes it a family-friendly canopy.

Installation and removal: Ute canopy can easily be installed and removed. It can be sealed through chemicals to prevent it from dust, so that these sealing can be applied or removed for installation and removal, respectively.


Dual cab canopy is more used in urban areas as it gives extra seats along with chassis. However, it is wise to buy the canopy according to the purpose of the best use of the same.