Julie Rose Clapton The Daughter Of A Renowned Musician, Eric Clapton

Julie Rose Clapton

Are you a fan of the musician Eric Patrick Clapton? He is a popular rock and blues guitarist and is often considered the most successful musician. Now he is seventy-seven years old. He is from Ripley, Surrey, England. He was in many relationships with women in his life. Through his wife Melia McEnery, he had Julie Rose Clapton. She is a very beautiful girl who is living in the background as she is not seeking any fame. Plus she also has siblings as well with whom she is close. You can find all the details of Julie Rose Clapton in this article. 

What is Julie Rose Clapton’s age? 

Julie Rose Clapton’s age is twenty-one years. Her birth date is 13 June 2001 and her birthplace is Columbus, Ohio, United States. She did all her schooling in Ohio. 

About her parents 

Julie Rose Clapton’s father is Eric Patrick Clapton. He is a great musician who is a singer and songwriter. Also, he is one of the top fifty guitarists in the world and that is an amazing record. He has played in a lot of local bands but gained popularity with the Yardbirds. Some of his songs are Slowhand, Tears in Heaven, Change the World and more. 

Eric Clapton

Further, Julie Rose Clapton’s mother’s name is Melia McEnery. She was working as an administrative assistant when she met Eric Clapton. Now she is an activist and socialite. 

Relationships of Eric Clapton 

The first early relationship of Eric Clapton in his young days was with Alice Ormsby-Gore. She was a British aristocrat who fell in love with Clapton. Many people thought that they were engaged but their relationship did not endure. After her Clapton began a relationship with a funk singer Betty Davis but they ended it soon. 

Later on 27 March 1979, Clapton married Pattie Boyd. She is a popular model and a photographer from England. But their married life was not a happy one as Clapton revealed that he abused and raped her. This was partly due to his alcohol addiction. Then when he had a partner he started an affair with Yvonne Kelly who was a manager of AIR Studios Montserrat. He had a daughter with her and her name is Ruth Kelly Clapton. 

Further, he also had an affair with an Italian model named Lory Del Santo with whom he had a son Connor in 1986. But he died after falling from a building. After this affair came to light Pattie Boyd and Clapton decided to divorce. 

The marriage of her parents 

In 1998 Eric Clapton met and fell in love with administrative assistant Melia McEnery. She was twenty-two years old at that time. They met at a party in Columbus, Ohio at a party arranged for him. Their dating life was kept under wraps for a year and made their relationship public in 1999. They wedded at St Mary Magdalene church on 1 January 2002. They had three daughters Julie Rose, Ella May, and Sophie Belle. 

So this is how Julie Rose Clapton’s parents met. After a history of experiencing bad relationships in his life, Eric Clapton is now having a steady relationship with Melia McEnery. She is forty-six years old. She is thirty-one years younger than Eric Clapton. But still, they are making their relationship work. Plus they love their daughters and support them in their life to succeed. 

Net worth of Julie Rose Clapton

Julie Rose Clapton is a rich girl because of her father’s vast net worth. He has a great career as a musician through which he earned a lot of money. His salary is more than $30 Million and his net worth is a whopping amount of $350 Million. Julie Rose also lives in the beautiful surrey village where her father has a large estate worth £757,000. 

End thoughts 

Julie Rose Clapton is a beautiful English girl with a popular father. But she and her sisters live in obscurity so many details of their life are not known. 

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