How The Venty is Redefining Storz & Bickel’s Legacy

Storz Bickel

Storz & Bickel is a German brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to crafting cutting-edge vaporizers. The company is focused on delivering jaw-dropping vaping experiences unlike any other. Their Volcano vaporizer has reigned at the top for several years, revered for its consistent vapor production, accurate temperature control, and easy-to-use design. The brand cooked up a storm with its introduction of the Mighty vaporizer series, and it set out to create history again with its new dry herb vaporizer, the Venty. 

After almost a decade, the Venty Vaporizer is a new addition to the German brand’s product catalog. Their last creation was Crafty and Mighty in 2014. Instead of releasing anything new, the company refreshed these products with plus versions in 2019. Even Volcano got a new hybrid version. If you have been using S&B products, you already know the company doesn’t drop products because they have to. The new product drops are rare and happen once in a few years. Hence, this is a time for enthusiasts and connoisseurs to celebrate as the Venty is about to blow their minds. This device is completely redesigned with a bang, ready to take vaping experiences to Cloud 9. 

At S&B’s official store, the Venty is priced at $449. Yes, it is a bit pricier, but as you reach the end of this post, you will realize the high price is worth it. However, there’s some respite if you are on a budget, as you will find this device at the lowest price right now at

So, are you ready to find out how Venty draws on the legacy of S&B and raises the bar? Let’s go!

Cutting-Edge Design 

The device embodies the core values and essence of S&B’s engineering prowess, combining state-of-the-art technology with sleek aesthetics and intuitive operation. 

Packed with a hybrid heating system, the device showcases a harmonious blend of convection and conduction. This ensures consistent vaporization across the dry herb chamber. Thanks to the interplay of intricate technologies, users experience flavorful, pure flavor that is delightful and highly satisfying. 

Compared to other portable vaporizers from this brand, the Venty is pretty large. It feels very solid and sturdy while handling and holding. It is made from a high-performance material called PEEK, commonly used in semiconductors, aerospace, and the medical industry. 

The device’s bottom half features an LED screen, a power button, and up/down buttons. Under the hood, the device packs two in-built 18650 Lithium-ion batteries, supplying plenty of power. The batteries cannot be replaced, but they offer ten sessions of uninterrupted vaping bliss. 

In the device’s top half, you will find the heating element and grooves so your fingers are separated from the hot surface. 

Hybrid Heating System 

The top-notch hybrid heating system is one of the USPs of the Venty Vaporizer. It blends the best of convection and conduction heating, and this is where you see S&B’s engineering prowess at its best. 

The system starts with conduction to get the heat right where it needs to be in the herb chamber. As you draw, convection heat comes into play. It pulls in hot air as you inhale. 

It is this combination that makes the portable device stand out. They are known as heaters and have quick heating capabilities while ensuring a steady temperature. It is perfect for pulling out the good flavors from the dry herb materials. 

Hence, this portable vape is keeping up with the brand’s traditions of offering a tasty, smooth vaporizing experience. 

State-Of-The-Art Cooling Unit 

The mouthpiece or the cooling unit on the Venty is another standout feature. It quickly pops open for cleaning. The cooling unit has received an upgrade in this portable vape as it comes with an additional screen that keeps out unwanted debris. Also, the vapor path is extended so the vapor gets additional time to cool down. 

With these almost maintenance-free devices, it is all about keeping the good times rolling. 

Personalized Vaping With Flowmeter 

A flowmeter is a groundbreaking feature included in the Venty, and it is all about customizing the vaping experience. You won’t find this feature in other vaporizers available in the market. 

The flowmeter checks the amount of air you are pulling and tinkers with the settings to keep the heater steady. The result? The temperature is always just right, no matter how you inhale. 

Conclusion: A Vaping Experience Like No Other

The moment you take the first draw, you are made aware of Venty’s exceptional performance. The vapor quality is smooth and rich in aroma with a lasting, flavorful taste. All the unwanted byproducts are eliminated so you can enjoy a consistent and amazing vaping experience. 

Thanks to the combination of user-friendly design, advanced technology, and attractive aesthetics, the Venty Vaporizer elevates vaping experiences. With this cutting-edge device, S&B is set to take its legacy forward and create new benchmarks for others to follow.