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Jeff Tiedrich

To begin with, Jeff Tiedrich is a blogger and a graphic designer. He is a famous person in the united stated of America. Recently he is appearing on news for leaving negative comments on the president’s Twitter account. 

Read through the article to know who is Jeff Tiedrich? Why is he famous for the news? 

Who is Jeff Tiedrich?

As stated earlier he is a blogger and a graphic designer by profession. He is also a musician in the United States of America. Read the latter part of the article for detailed information on the professional life of Jeff. But Jeff made the news for being an anti-Trump party. 

There are many instances where he has left a negative comment on the president’s posts. Twitter is flooding with Jeff’s negative remarks on each post of President Donald Trump. In fact, his comment is always the first one to appear or Trump party posts. 


Real Name Jeffrey R Tiedrich
Date of Birth (Age) 16th March, 1957 (62 years old)
Birth Place Rockaway, New Jersey, USA
Profession Blogger & Graphic Designer
Height 5 feet, 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Kids 1 (Katie Tiedrich)
Father Warren Lloyd Tiedrich
Mother Joan Diamond Tiedrich
Wife (Spouse) Claudia Long Tiedrich
Net Worth Est. $200,000


Jeff Tiedrich is a Musician, Graphic Design and Political blogger, who gain recognition by insulting the President of the United States “Donald Trump” in each of his tweets.

About Jeff Tiedrich in a glimpse

  • The early life of Jeff Tiedrich 

Jeff Tiedrich is a very hardworking individual living in America. He was born on 16th March 1957. His birthplace is Rockaway, New Jersey in America. The full name of Jeff is Jeffery R Tiedrich. As of 2020, Jeff is 64 years old.

Jeff’s father’s name is Warren Lloyd Tiedrich and Joan Diamond Tiedrich. Also, Jeff has a sibling, a sister called Ellen Tiedrich. Coming to Jeff’s father Warren he was part of the United States Army who served in the Korean War in the year 1951. 

Jeff belongs to a Jewish family and is very close to them. For this reason, he goes to the temple with them. They belong to the Jewish Synagogue temple Beth Am of Parsippany.

  • The education life of Jeff 

In the first place, being a part of a military family he had a good life. He went to Morris High school along with his sister. The location of his school is Rockaway in New Jersey, United States of America. Jeff’s high school graduation took place in 1975. 

Later on, he went to Parson School of design. At the Parson School of Design, he completed his graduation in the year 1978. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. After finishing school he began his career. His career began with music playing guitar. 

On the other hand, he also works as a graphic designer. 

What does Jeff Tiedrich do for a living?  

  • Jeff as a political blogger 

Firstly, as stated previously in the article Jeff is a blogger. He is a very active political blogger. Currently, he is working as a blog writer on is a website that includes negative news of the Trump government. 

It is well known in the United States of America that Jeff is the biggest critic of the Trump administration. In addition to this Jeff Tiedrich is part of patreons. He is very active in the community of patreons and gets money for his content. Apart from being a political blogger, he is also a great musician. 

  • Jeff as a professional musician 

Secondly, Jeff, in fact, began his career as a musician. At a very young age, he wanted to be a world-class musician. His music career began in 1973. He was playing as a lead guitarist and vocals for a music band. The name of the music band is “Alligator Music Band”. 

The band consists of six music players including Jeff Tiedrich. Jeff’s love for music is apparent. He uploads the performance of the band frequently on social media. He has a channel on YouTube titled after him. In his channel, he shares videos of all performance by the band. 

  • Jeff as a graphic designer 

Lastly, he is a graphic designer. Jeff Tiedrich has creative blood in him. This is the reason for his success as a musician as well as a graphic designer. During his career as a graphic designer, he has worked with many clients. He usually works as a freelancer and designs multiple things for his clients. Even more, his clients love him and want to work with him again. 

Personal life of Jeff Tiedrich 

Jeff is happily married to Claudia Long. There is no much information on their love life. Claudia is 8 years older than Jeff. But the age difference between the couple has not affected their relationship. Claudia is a copywriter, creative director, and also a strategist. 

The couple gave birth to a daughter in November of 1991. Their daughter’s name is Katherine chandler Tiedrich. She went to college and holds a degree in aerospace engineering. Katie is also a proud founder of Awkward Zombie, a webcomic on video games. 

Jeff along with his wife lives in Hastings on Hudson’s. But their daughter lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Finally, the estimation of Jeff is around 3 Million US dollars. In all honest Jeff makes good money from being a blogger, musician, and designer. 

Bottom Line 

To sum it up, Jeff Tiedrich is a successful person. He works in different professions and earns more than we can imagine. Being a critic of the American President he is popular in America. He has over 250,000 followers on twitter account alone.

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