Important Facts You need to Know about Melia Mcenery

Melia Mcenery

Melia Mcenery is the popular wife of Eric Clapton. He is a talented guitarist and legendary musician in the rock genre. Further, apart from this Melia Mcenery is a philanthropist and socialite. 

About Melia Mcenery

February 1976 is the year Melia Mcenery was born. As a child, her family thought it was best to relocate to Ohio. It is a place which is a memorable part of her childhood. Melia is from the ordinary family background. Both her parents are working individuals. Especially her father is a construction worker. Her mother took the role of caring for her children at home. 

She did her schooling at Bishop Watterson high school. Due to her interest in acting, she selects the arts group in college. After finishing college she had the dream to establish a successful career. 

 Further, her dream did come true when joining a design company. With this job, she gained more experience. Also, she got the chance to work with Giorgio Armani. 

Who did Melia date before Eric? Her dating history 

Currently, Melia is living with her popular husband. Before this relationship, she was dating Chris Losinke. Both Chris and Melia worked together in a coffee shop. 

However, Melia thought of breaking up with Chris as she was interested in Eric. Melia’s dating life is private and there is only less information. As a guitarist, there are many past relationships with Eric. 

He is known for his interest in beautiful women in the past. Even before his marriage to Melia, he did have few relationships. His first marriage was in the year 1985 Boyd. Also, he had a secret relationship with Kelly. After this, he was dating a pretty Italian model. They also have a son from their affair. 

When did Melia Mcenery get married? 

Melia Mcenery and Eric Clapton are a happy couple now. Their love story began in the year 1999 at one of the Giorgio Armani’s parties. Melia was the host of this party of Armani. At many celebrity parties, hosts should be formal with a guest. Due to this, she did not talk with any of the guests. Still, as a fan of Eric, she got his signature on a paper. After this meeting, they both liked each other. Also, after the first meeting, Melia and Eric start to date.

 Some work issues made the couple part ways. Still, in 2002 they got back together. Julie Rose is the first baby of the couple before marriage. In 2001, Eric Clapton thought to prose to Melia. Soon the marriage of the couple took place in a year. 

Since then, their daughters and family are important to them. In 2003 their second child Ella was born and in 2005 their third daughter Sophie. The family life of Melia is going well with her kids and loveable husband. 

The work and career of Melia 

Melia Mcenery has an interest in charity work. In recent years she donates to many charities. Further, she is a senior advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua. 

In 1998 he opened a rehab centre along with her husband. This rehab is helpful for people with alcohol and drug issues. She is a board member of this charity. Also, she has interested to donate children who need help. 

Limelight and popularity 

Melia Mcenery receives more attention in the public due to her marriage with Eric Clapton. As a wife of a celebrity and socialite, there are many controversies of Melia. Further, there is no social media account for her. She is a socialite but does not love the limelight. 


Melia Mcenery is working for many charities. As the spouse of a famous guitarist, she remains low key. Both Eric and Melia are taking care of their family and daughters.