Who Is O.J Simpson’s Daughter, Sydney Brooke?

O.J Simpson

Sydney Brooke is the daughter of O.J Simpson (Orenthal James Simpson). He is a popular former football running back, actor, advertising spokesman. Then he got convicted for murdering his wife and her friend. He was also accused of bank robbery, criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, utilisation of deadly weapons and more. Now he is seventy-three years old. Sydney changed her name many times because of her father’s public trial and crime. Her life began well however because of the tragedy in the family she had to take up a new identity. She was only eight years old when this terrible event happened. Know more about Sydney Brooke Simpson here. 

O.J Simpson’s Wikis

Real Name Orenthal James Simpson
Birthday July 9, 1947
Birthplace San Francisco, CA
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Actor
Height 6′ 1″
Married/Wife Nicole Brown Simpson (m. 1985–1992), Marguerite Whitley (m. 1967–1979)
Salary/Income Under Review
Net Worth $10 million
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown

The Backstory Of Her Father And Mother

The first wife of O.J Simpson is Marguerite L. Whitley. He had three children with her. Then he met Nicole Brown at a nightclub in 1977 where she was working as a waitress. Although he was still tied in marriage with his first wife he dated Brown. Then in 1979 he divorced Whitley and got married to Brown in 1985. He retired from professional football at that time. They had two kids named Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson. For seven years they lived together but their relationship was tumultuous. 

Many reports claimed that Simpson was an abusive husband and that is the reason why Brown separated from him. But after their divorce they tried to reconcile. The sources closer to them claimed that their relationship was dramatic, obsessive and factious. So it never worked out between them. 

The murder and trial

On June 21, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found with multiple wounds outside the condo Nicole owns in Brentwood area located at Los Angeles. The sources claimed that someone stabbed them to death. Simpson got held as the person of interest for the murder. Simpson did not obey the orders to go the authorities so on June 17 he got pursued by the police. At that time he was sitting at a 1993 Ford Bronco SUV that belonged to his friend Al Cowlings. According to O.J Simpson Lawyer, Many TV stations stopped their broadcast of 1994 NBA Finals to show the car chase and pursuit live. More than ninety-five million people watched the action on their screens and it became one of the most famous cases in history after Paul Revere. It became the most publicised event in America. 

Then the case trail happened for eleven months. It got termed the trail of the century. On October 3, 1995, the jury revealed that he is not guilty. But many whites in America felt that it was a wrong verdict. On the other hand, many coloured people in American felt that it is a fair verdict. Some of the members of the defence counsel team of OJ Simpson were Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, and Robert Kardashian. 

But after that the family of the Ron Goldman filed a case against Simpson. Then again a trail got conducted to get the truth. The jury found that Simpson was liable to wrongful death. He was also ordered to pay money for the family of the deceased and then got imprisoned for his actions. He got released on October 1, 2017, after being in jail for nine years. 

What happened to the O.J Simpson kids? 

As the trail was very public it took a toll on Sydney Brooke and her brother. They were asleep in the condo at the time of the murder of their mother. It was a difficult time for them to know that their mother is no more because of their father. That is why she and her brother led very private lives. They lived in hiding for some time away from all publicity. This helped them to get out of the trauma quietly and without any disruptions. Sydney used another identity with the name Portia to escape from the press. While working she was reserved and shy. She never tried to socialise with her colleagues. She and her brother tried to keep their profile low. However one time a journalist tried to track them down to show how the children of the convicted felon are living. 

But they never desired to live a public life. After all these years nobody knows how they lead their lives. It will be good if the press and media allowed them to live their life peacefully after the trauma. 

What is Sydney doing now? 

The birth date of Sydney Brooke is 17th of October, 1985. She grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and now she lives in Los Angeles in the Brentwood area. Sydney has her own business Simpsy Properties and LLC along with her brother Justin. She attended Gulliver Academy and is a graduate of Boston University. Brooks did a BA in sociology. At first, she worked as an event coordinator. Then she moved to Florida and now owns restaurant and multiple properties. She is thirty-four years old. 

Sydney Brooks does not have a profile in any social media pages. That is why there is very little information about her. But some sources say that she was in a relationship with Robert Blackmon a real estate advisor. But he later revealed that they are just friends. She also was close to Alexander Lee but currently, she is single. 

How is her relationship with her father? 

The sources say that Sydney has a causal relationship with her father Simpson. There is no estrangement or hate in their relationship. She also does not want to talk about the terrible event that happened many years before. The family is trying to forget that event. Therefore we do not know what she thinks about the trail and her father. 

Many films, TV Series and books got made based on the public trail and the personal life of her father. Fox network released a TV movie titled The O. J. Simpson Story in 1995. The actor Bumper Robinson played the role of young Simpson in this film. A new film in the making titled Nicole & O.J will show the tumultuous relationship between Nicole and Simpson and is going to depict him as an innocent man. 

The net worth of Sydney Brooke 

The net worth of Sydney Brooke is $10,000. She is a working woman who owns many properties and businesses. She along with her brother is doing many successful ventures. Some of the pictures of her leaked on the internet and she seems active in every one of them. 

What Is O.J. Simpson’s Net Worth

According to some resource O.J Simpson Net Worth an estimated $3 million, After retirement, O.J.’s net worth had grown to over $10 million,

Some rumours about Sydney Brooke 

Many rumours spread around the internet that said that Sydney is the half-sister of Khloe Kardashian. But O.J Simpson revealed the truth by saying that he and Rob Kardashian are good friends and he is like a brother to him. He worked as a defence attorney for Simpson for the trail. 

Simpson stated that he and Kris Jenner did not have an intimate relationship. So he said that all the stories that say that they were romantically involved are just false. He is proud of what Khloé Kardashian has achieved in her life but he is not her father. 


Sydney Brooke Simpson has moved forward in her life. Although the public wants to know more information about her she wishes to lead her life peacefully. She and her brother are managing their life well now without any interruptions.

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