God's people

“It is when you are in the valley that you will receive revelation from the Heaven.”

                                                              –          Prophet Tracy Allen Cooke

The highest act of charity and the purest expression of Christ’s love is to serve God, which is to serve others. But the word “serving,” particularly in our modern society, is completely out of date. Everyone is considering their own interests. It’s all about me, myself, and I. How can I proceed? How should I conduct myself? The goal of society is self-realization. We always strive to get the most out of whatever we do. The Bible takes a radically different stance on serving. Our call to service comes from Jesus. Serving others enables us to change the world. This is where the light of divinity starts shining upon the people who serve and this is how Cooke Revivals was distinguished.

Some people genuinely want to make the world a better place. Why? Because they are aware that things are not as they should be. Many things about it remain broken. One of such people is Prophet Tracy.

According to Prophet Tracy, the capability to lead a vibrant Christian life is entirely a gift from God. We have everything we require to live as a new creation in Christ because we are joined to Christ through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to the world to help people. Jesus’ example of serving others required extreme humility. He has helped people live with hope and on purpose for past years. He’s the founding member of Elisha Training Center, a prophetic school, which has influenced and transformed the lives of millions of people. You’ll be inspired to fully commit to Jesus here, and you’ll experience the thrill of carrying out the particular method God wants to reach the world through you. When the enemies and trying times couldn’t knock the spirits of Prophet Tracy and Pastor Michael down, both of them understood that there is a long way to go. Prophet Tracy along with Pastor Michael founded “Cooke Revivals” based on the golden principles of Bible in a tent enduring the scorching heat to help followers of Jesus develop the spiritual discernment, power, love, and servitude necessary for thriving in a perplexing and damaged world. To direct disciples of Jesus toward a true relationship with God, to illuminate the barriers in our way, and to help us overcome those barriers.

For those who ask, help is never far away. The team at Cooke Revivals is there to serve the children of God any time. Elisha Training Centre has been successful in helping the community with food pantries, coat drive, women’s shelter and much more.

Cooke Revivals commitment begins with a commitment;

“The abundant Christian life is the life that is directed by Christ and in which Christ lives his life in and through us with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. By putting our faith in God to give us the productive life he has promised as we live for him, we might be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

The words you choose when making such a commitment are not crucial. It is important that you’ve made the decision to live your entire life in service of loving, obeying, and serving Jesus, without holding anything back. This is what the Cooke Revival Miniseries is committed to. If you recently made the decision to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you may be wondering, “Now what?” When you decide to follow Jesus, you start a relationship instead of merely a new faith. This is where the Cooke Prophet can guide you. The good news is that God is looking for you and he wants you to find him if you are a lost soul who has just started looking to God for comfort. but to direct you in the proper path. Finding God surely doesn’t entail receiving immediate or comprehensive solutions to all of your questions. Through the power of wisdom, understanding, faith, healing, prophecy, discerning between spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpreting languages, Cooke Revivals invites you to go on the spiritual path of faith to find your answers in the word of God. Discover the delight of living out the distinct way God wants to reach the world through you with Prophet Tracy.

About Organization: Cooke Revival is a religious organization committed to serve people and help them reconnect back with their faith. Prophet Tracy, the founder of the organization, has been working with Pastor Michael to deliver the word of God to his community and nations around the globe.  

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