India The Growing Hub Of Medical Tourism In The World

Medical Tourism

In recent years, India has become one of the world centres of medical tourism. The level of leading private clinics in India is approaching the highest Western standards, and prices differ significantly. Every year in India a quarter of a million foreigners are treated. One-third of them are residents of the CIS. By 2020, the market of Indian medical tourism will reach 5 billion US dollars

As shown by surveys conducted by the country’s Ministry of Health and published at the International Medical Symposium in Delhi, foreigners are attracted by the high quality of treatment and the relatively low cost of services.

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However, just look at the prices, the excellent training of doctors, the most modern equipment and related services to understand why they are here.

Coronary bypass surgery in the United States costs $ 130 thousand, and in India – $ 7 thousand, hip replacement – $ 7 thousand against $ 43 thousand, knee – $ 9.2 thousand instead of $ 40 thousand, etc.

Not only surgery but in cheaply available medicines to India leads the way. Innovative drug Sofosbuvir, invented in the USA a few years ago, treats Hepatitis C in more than 90% of patients. In America, a course of treatment costs $ 80,000. In India, its counterpart has recently appeared, for which people now travel from everywhere. A course of treatment with similar results costs them $ 900.

The main directions of medical tourism in India

  • Dentistry, prosthetics – the most modern technologies and imported materials are used.
  • Pharmacology, purchase of drugs- India is one of the largest manufacturers of drugs in the world, including generics, which can cost ten times cheaper than similar drugs in the west. If your prescription is in a foreign language then to purchase medications in pharmacies, it is advisable to have a prescription translated into English, stamped by your doctor.
  • Surgery, including eye microsurgery – from complex heart operations to correct myopia.
  • Ayurveda – traditional medicine, practised mainly in Kerala. It includes a variety of cleansing and anti-ageing treatments using natural oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients.

The main centres of medical tourism

Chennai is considered the capital of medical tourism in India. Also popular among foreigners are Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Bangalore.

Perhaps the most famous clinics in India with a worldwide reputation are Apollo, Fortis, Wockhardt Hospital, Narayana and others. India is an exotic country, with its own characteristics, so when choosing and organizing treatment in India, the best way is, of course, to use international online platforms who specialize in organizing treatment around the world and have many years of experience in dealing with Indian clinics.

The reason for working with Vaidam

It is a complex task to get treated in another country. English is widely spoken in India especially by the medical fraternity, but you may not be comfortable with English. Also, there are very specific needs that you may have but not know the best resources to tap into. There is also the issue of your transport and stay along with that of your close family members. For this, you would need expert local help from an enterprise who has a complete understanding of your medical needs and will be able to direct you ate doctors and hospitals most suitable for your illness and budget.

Vaidam extends a great deal of assistance to all those who require help with medical travel and correct references. It is a single window hassle-free way of being treated in India in an easy manner. It is always faster to organize treatment through our platform at Vaidam: the process of organizing, booking, and treatment at the clinic takes place more quickly, rather than when contacting the clinic directly.

The patient receives a full package of services from the processing of the request, the translation of medical documents and ending with the flight, transfer, and accommodation in the country. A company consultant always oversees the travel process, and the patient does not have to worry about anything. For several years, there has been a trend towards globalization of the medical tourism industry – this is a very correct process, and we are at the forefront of it.