Budget Air Supply Sells Rheem Air Conditioning Units Online for Less

Air Conditioning

No one enjoys having to replace an air conditioning unit but there is a place where brand new Rheem Air Conditioning Units can be purchased online at great savings. Whether a customer needs one air conditioning unit or a contractor needs a hundred or a thousand air conditioning units, there’s really only one place to buy them and that’s from BudgetAirSupply.com.

Is it Weird to Purchase Air Conditioners Off the Web?

Times were that if a contractor or homeowner needed to purchase an air conditioning unit, they called the local dealer for their preferred brand and made a deal. Then they had to go down to the warehouse and pick up the air conditioning unit and deliver it to the job site or they could pay the dealer to deliver the unit. Budget Air Supply changed all that back in 2009 when they opened up their website. A decade later, it’s a common occurrence to purchase air conditioning units online and much easier to get the unit delivered.

Rheem Air Conditioning Units are the Best

A global leader in air conditioning units, Rheem has been engineering and building comfort control systems since 1956. Innovating new designs and building long-lasting equipment, Rheem quickly made a name for itself in the residential and commercial heating and air conditioning business and has been a market leader ever since. Designed and engineered to last for years and built with many features which make maintenance and repair easy and extend the life of their products far beyond the competition’s units.

Lots of Choices

When it comes to a full line of air conditioning units, Rheem is second to none. Whether you need to cool a small space or an entire office complex, Rheem builds a size that will do the job year after year:

Rheem Prestige Series Variable Speed – Premium Quality – High Efficiency

• 2 Ton capacity – 20.5 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 3 Ton capacity – 20.5 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 4 Ton capacity – 20.5 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 5 Ton capacity – 20.5 SEER – 10-year warranty

Rheem Classic Series Two-Stage – High Quality – Mid Efficiency

• 2 Ton capacity – 17 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 3 Ton capacity – 17 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 4 Ton capacity – 17 SEER – 10-year warranty
• 5 Ton capacity – 16 SEER – 10-year warranty

EcoNet® Makes Rheem Even Better

The EcoNet® Mobile App makes controlling the air conditioning unit much easier and much more convenient. Now, customers can control and monitor their Rheem air conditioning units from anywhere using their Smartphone or iPhone®. Utilizing Cloud and Smart Home technology, Rheem is able to provide its customers with a level of control that is unparalleled in the industry.

Budget Air Supply Has the Best Deals on Rheem Air Conditioning Units

No matter which size and capacity air conditioning unit is needed, Budget Air Supply has the best deals anywhere. The prices are amazingly low and the customer service is extremely high. Included in the price of the air conditioning unit is free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. What could be easier? Lowest prices and free delivery to the work site saves time and creates value far beyond what any other dealer can provide.

Customers Love Budget Air Supply

Customers can go to BudgetAirSupply.com and discover why Budget Air Supply has been so successful. They can find not only the air conditioning unit they want but they will also discover everything needed for installing and maintaining their air conditioner. Control panels, service parts, and service tools are all available and ready for shipment. If a customer has a question or needs information, they can call 855-473-6484 and speak with a trained professional or they can email contact@budgetairsupply.com to get help.