Corporate Video Trends You Need to follow in 2019

Corporate Video Trends You Need to follow in 2019

Online video production has been on a boom for a decade. It has become a means of communication and a unique way to spread your message. According to research, the video will drive 80% of internet traffic in 2020. Video is on a rise and will dominate the internet. 

There has been a rise in corporate video production houses in Delhi NCR and other parts of the country. Corporate video production has taken a new shape, and this is the reason why corporate filmmakers in Delhi are gaining popularity. The video production industry has experienced some great innovations. Just imagine how far we all have come from watching digital video discs, recorded taps, movies to things like Blu-Ray videos and online streaming.

Keeping an eye on media innovations and visual technologies that will shape the coming future has become equally important. Every production house in Delhi or other parts of the country must stay updated with the latest trends in the corporate video production sphere. Check out some of the latest trends that corporate film production houses should be excited about in 2019.

Distribution of Corporate Videos on Social Media Platforms

If you want to promote your business, you need to be on social media. Corporate video production companies have truly realized the power of social media and have already started promoting their business videos on these platforms to gain traction and reach the maximum audience.

All the popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others support video distribution options. These social channels can create a strong brand identity for businesses and help them stay connected with their prospects or customers directly.

360 Degree Videos have Become Necessity

A number of corporate video production agencies in India and other nations of the world have started using the 360-degree video graphics. Moreover, they have allowed the viewers to consume video content using cost-effective peripherals such as Google Cardboard.

The production houses for corporates are embracing what 360-degree videos can offer to them in different forms. For example – The immersive qualities of a 360-degree video can offer an employee a complete overview of the business and his/her role in the organization without the need of arranging a meeting. 

Businesses offering travel and tour services can offer the potential travellers a chance to look around the places they are going to visit and check the benefits related to the trip.

Aerial Photography Using Drones

The video crews have taken new steps to revolutionize video photography by utilizing the capabilities of drones to capture visually stunning footage and delight the corporate clients. Organizations can easily showcase multiple properties using the drones and accomplish their business goals. 

This is one of the reasons why video producers who earlier avoided aerial photography are now heavily investing in drones to offer aerial footage to their clients. This has also helped them expand their horizons to real estate, automotive and educational industries.

Video Snippets can Enhance the Way you Present your Business

Short but engaging videos can attract even larger customer base than the full-length videos. Corporates need to tailor some valuable video content for their prospects or customers without any extra information and showcase the video content through a meaningful and engaging short video.

According to a study, people can spare time to watch video snippets ranging from 20 seconds to a minute over social media platforms. 

The rise in Projection Mapping

Businesses heavily rely on tradeshows, festivals and expos to reach their potential customers. They embrace corporate video content to market themselves in these events. Projection mapping is one of the latest trends entering into the corporate video production industry. 

Businesses are looking for a big splash in these events and for this, they involve projecting 3D images on a flat surface to provide an immersive live viewing experience. Projection mapping is the newest milestone achieved in the evolution of corporate video. 

Explainer Videos are the New Gold

The explainer video will remain the most popular visual presentation format for the enterprises. These videos make use of motion graphics, 2D or 3D animation to bring real-time effects. Creating explainer videos not only bring credibility to businesses but also help in building a solid online presence. Such types of videos give a better visual representation to the people having a visual influence on them. 

The Bottom Line

The modern-day companies need to have an unparalleled strategy to reach their audience base. Small businesses and newly launched startups are pushing the videos directly into social media platforms using their smartphones. But to remain truly distinctive, businesses must invest in professional and polished videos and should keep the pace with latest corporate video production trends. Else, they might find themselves lost in the noise just like many other businesses.