Work from Home – Five Tips to Ensure Non-Stop Connectivity

Work from Home

Covid-19 has forced us all to work from home. While some of us are basking in the glory of all the perks that have come our way, some are banging their heads on the wall. Work from home is not an easy feat. Concentration is a rare commodity to find when you are sitting between a talkative family member and a toddler who loves to ask questions. Top up the situation with a bad internet connection despite paying for unlimited internet, and you are all set for frustration and low productivity.

Unfortunately, most businesses want their employees to work from home permanently or at least until things start getting better. The peace of an office cubicle is still far-far away. All you can do right now is at least take care of the internet part. That’s the only thing that you can fix for now and make your work from home life somewhat easy. Here are five tips that will help you streamline your work routine with a good quality internet connection.

Choose the Best Internet Provider

The very first step towards a good internet connection is to choose the right internet service provider (ISP). You will find multiple options at your location. Pick one based on their customer service and user reviews in your locality. Talk to your neighbors and other people who might be using the service you are interested in. Do not go by brand name because sometimes brands fail to deliver in certain areas. Stick to reviews. 

1. Choose the Best Plan

Every service provider offers different plans. These are created according to certain speeds, data limits, and prices. Once you have chosen your provider, check out all the programs offered by them. Choose a method according to your requirement. If you plan to do office work while enjoying live stream videos, you will need the best plan a provider has to offer. On the other hand, if your workload does not require much bandwidth, you can always go with lower plans

2. Choose the Right Router

Your router and its position define the quality of your internet connection. Choose a good router and then place it in an open space in your house. Please do not put it in a corner or very far away from where you work. If your home has multiple floors, invest in a router that has multiple antennas.

3. Choose a Dongle in Case of Powercuts

Wi-Fi routers need electricity to work. Therefore, if you live in a place where you experience frequent power cuts of fluctuations, you should choose a dongle for non-stop connectivity. Most closed campuses, apartment blocks, and societies offer power backup, but then, power backup also takes time to get into the loop, and you may frequently drop out of your team calls.

4. Learn to Use your Mobile’s Hotspot

If you are looking to enjoy real freedom while working from home, you can use your Smartphone’s hotspot. The hotspot will let you sit down in the farthest corners of your house and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. You can also take it outdoors to your lawn or your terrace and focus on your work.