A Note on Some of The Most Common Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures
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Guilty pleasures activity are something that we all have done at some point of time in our life. Even now, we do engage in guilty pleasures. Have you ever thought about the actions that have yielded you pleasure, but looking back, you also felt guilty? Well, this is exactly what that’s all about. From watching TV for a long time to eating plenty of fast foods, playing video games, and sleeping for longer than you intended to- there are a lot of guilty pleasures that we can make a list of. 

Of course, we do enjoy the pleasurable moments, but at the time same, we do realize that it wasn’t the appropriate thing to do. However, guilty pleasures are extremely beneficial in some cases. Sometimes, we need to find an escape route from the constant pressure or stress of our daily life. In that case, guilty pleasures provide us with the right exit. 

So, there are lots of guilty pleasures that we can indulge in. There are a few common ones that we can all relate to as well. If you want to know about such guilty pleasure activities, then you are at the right place. Here we will share a few interesting guilty pleasures activities that we have done in our life.

Here Are Some of The Most Common Guilty Pleasure Activities

So, if you want to know what guilty pleasure activities are, then it’s time to check out this article and find out the answer for yourself. 

Most Common Guilty Pleasure Activities

1. Watching TV For A Long Time

Watching your favorite shows or movies on the OTT platform is quite exciting. Binging show after show is one of the most pleasurable activities in the world for sure. However, once the show ends, we feel guilty for wasting time that could have been spent a little wisely. We feel as if we shouldn’t have done that. Let us tell you that watching TV or any other digital medium for a long time is quite dangerous for our eyes as well. It also leaves important work pending for the next day. 

2. Playing Video Games

Whether you are a console gamer, mobile gamer, or PC gamer, playing games is one of the most common guilty pleasure activities. The obsession with playing games is not only among children but adults too. Adults do spend a lot of time playing games on their laptops, smartphones, and consoles. The guilt comes after you realize how many valuable hours you have successfully ‘wasted’ on games. 

Playing Video Games

3. Eating Fast Food

Eating fast food too much is another common guilty pleasure activity. Due to reasons, many people are obsessed with eating fast food. Of course, eating burgers, pizza, noodles, and oily food is quite delicious and tempting. However, once you realize that you have skipped your regular meals to pay for extravagant food, the guilt kicks in. 

4. Scrolling Through Reels, Social Media Posts

Social media is one of the biggest and most common forms of guilty pleasure activities. Scrolling for long hours watching reels or social media posts is quite common for the masses. It’s an addiction that’s pretty hard to get out of as well. If you are spending too much time on social media, then you are perhaps missing out on important tasks. After hours of scrolling through reels on Instagram, the guilt of spending time fruitlessly comes in. 

Eating Fast Food
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5. Frequent Shopping

With online shopping a viable option, we don’t need to go out much for shopping for our favorite clothes and other articles. However, it can become a very bad habit in the long run. For example, a lot of people these days constantly order items online. But, a furtive glance at the wallet will make us feel guilty about the pleasures. 

Ending Note:

These were only some of the most common types of guilty pleasure activities that we see. While these activities provide us with pleasure, guilt also comes afterward. 

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