A Guide To Creating Interactive Maps Online

interactive maps online

Are you looking to create an interactive map? You should find some reputed map creators like showmymap for this purpose. The following lists the features you should look for in a map creator and also some steps involved in creating a web map.

  • It should include the Geographic Information System mapping (GIS) and web programming and should be able to provide customized solutions for a variety of industry types. A good interactive map will have the best features in it.
  • They should be able to help you from start to finish by incorporating all the details you need. If you are to do this without expert assistance it may be an ominous task. You can spell out your needs on paper and an interactive map creator should be able to translate them into web images. So you get what you need as the output.
  • An interactive map provider should be well experienced in this domain with great GIS knowledge. Choosing a service with good experience helps you achieve the desired results. 
  • When it comes to design, a futuristic approach is what is desired. The interactive maps should be able to be fit in any mobile platform. The design should be such that it is great on both the monitor and mobile screens.
  • A responsive creator will be able to provide a design that can be modified and controlled as per data.

How to create an interactive web map?

  • The first step in creating a web map is to choose a template for your map. There are a variety of appealing templates available at show my map which you can make use of. Choose the one that suits your goal. If you do not find anything closer to your vision, you can create one on a blank canvas as well.
  • The next step is to select the country from the list provided. From the selected one, you can choose to edit to insert your data specific to the region.
  • The third step involves the input of data. You can input any data you like to, for example, you can include population, wildlife sanctuaries in an area, anything! You have the option to add more data as per your choice. So by clicking it you can add as many columns of information as you like.
  • Now comes the important step of color-coding your web map. You can choose the colors from the palette displayed. You can mix and arrive at a variety of hues.
  •  After color-coding, you have a lot of options to customize your map so that your result is the same as what you visualized. Options for customizing style and data settings are available. You can choose to insert a Show caption option so that when the cursor is moved the data will be highlighted.
  • When you are done with all the other steps you can share the map with the world. The interactive map you have created can be published for use by others. This can also be embedded on your website.