Heiress Diana Harris – Bio/Wiki, Birthday, Nail Polish and Net Worth

Heiress Diana Harris

Famous from childhood, the daughter of T.I And Tameka, Heiress Diana Harris is a cute little baby of five years who has her own little fortune to show as well. Read through this article, Find out her biographical details.

So, it’s not really surprising to find the celebrity kids get fame because of their parents. However, it’s also true that if they are such a cutie pie like Hereiss Diana Harris, then people are sure to go gaga over the cute baby, who’s had her own little fortune as well. 

In this article, we will discuss Hereiss Diana Harris and her parents. Since fans are curious to know about the little diva, it makes sense for us to present to you all the available details. So, who is Hereiss Diana Harris? Well, she has become an internet sensation. 

In fact, she is the little daughter of the famous T.I and the singer of the R&B genre, Tameka Harris. The duo has this wonderful little child who’s had a nice period already on social media. From posting cute videos of the child and pictures, the celebrity dad and mom really does make her daughter stand out. In fact, now she has her own nail polish line as well. So it’s really incredible.

A Short Biography Of Heiress Diana Harris

Since fans are curious to know about her let’s provide you with some cool biographical details of the young sensation of the internet. Though not much information is available because her parents like to keep the private information hidden from the cameras and social media. 

However, we know that Heiress Diana Harris birthday is on 2016, March 26. Therefore, she is only 5 years old currently. So, fans are also looking to find out her nationality, so we will also mention her nationality in this article. Well, the little heiress Diana Harris is American,  and she belongs to mixed ethnicity. Furthermore, her birth blower is Daffodil and Jonquil. 

As for her birth sign or zodiac sign, it’s Aries. In addition, her birth sign duality is assertive. Furthermore, what’s the element of her birth sign? It’s Cardinal fire. 

As we said earlier, her father is a famous American rapper and celebrity, T.I. in addition, her mother is Tameka Cottle Harris. Well, does she have any children or she’s the only child of the duo? Well, fans will be interested to know that she has her siblings. Their names are, Zonnique Pullins, Major Philant Harris, Clifford Joseph Harris III.

A Bit On Her Early Life

Just like any other celebrity kids who get into fame just after they arrive in this material world, the same is true for heiress Diana harris. Her parent’s fame and popularity seem to have reached her from the moment of her birth. 

Therefore, back in June 2016, when her mother Tameka Cottle first uploaded her cute little picture on Instagram, people loved to know more about the baby Harris and wished the couple a lot of congratulatory messages for their new member of the family. It’s really wonderful how kids can change the life of their parents. Both T.I and Tameka share a wonderful family with little Harris and her other siblings. 

Her Schooling And Education

Since she is just five years old right now, there’s no news of her schooling. Moreover, three’s no information available as to where she goes to her kindergarten school. In addition, as a cute family member, probably her parents or home tutor is teaching her the primary numerics and alphabets at the home.

Her Height And Weight

People are also curious to know about her height and weight. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t share anything on that sort of information. Therefore, we have no clue about her height and weight. Moreover, her portfolio also doesn’t share much information as well. Hence, there’s no way to find out, except probable guesswork. 

Her Birthday And Stuff

So, each year, the parents of the little one share her birthday pictures on Instagram. Therefore fans might know that Heiress Diana Harris birthday is on March 26, 2016. Therefore, she is just five years old now. 

Her Fortune And Nail polish Line 

It’s actually incredible how the little star has already earned fame and fortune in just five years. Heiress Diana Harris nail polish is really popular and a thing now. And truth be told, we weren’t ready for such cuteness overload. She has her own little nail polish line, and it came just when she was 2 years old. 

Tiny announced that her daughter has her own nail polish line, and they collaborated with Piggy Paint for the nail polish. It was called The Royal Collection By Hereiss Harris. In fact, her mother said, “My Baby girl loves her nail polishes, so it was only right that I found a brand that was non-toxic and safe for babies and children. It’s really wonderful how the little one is so famous in just five years.

A Bit On Her Net Worth

So, are you wondering what’s Heiress Diana Harris net worth? It’s needless to say that she belongs to a very rich family. Therefore, she is enjoying the huge net worth of her famous celebrity parents. Moreover, her sponsors also added to her fortune. Therefore, she has a very high net worth from a very young age. According to the sources, currently, she has about $1.5 million dollars as her net worth. 

Quick Wikis/ Bio

Name Heiress Diana Harris
Real Name Diana Harris
Nick Name Heiress
Celebrity Kids
Birth Year March 26, 2016 (age 5 years)
Age 5 Years (As of 2021)
How tall is Marian
Gender Female
Birthplace (Native) USA
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net Worth $1.5 Million As of 2021
Parents Name Tameka Cottle, T.I.
Instagram @onlyheiress

Final Thoughts: 

Being a celebrity child has its perks. From the very beginning of her childhood, she became extremely popular with the masses. Moreover, the fans of T.I And Tameka has a special place in their heart for their cute little daughter.