Top Hair Extension Trends Of 2020

Top Hair Extension Trends Of 2020

They are our biggest strength, and an eminent weakness, every woman loves her hair, as we all invest years at protecting and nourishing them, just like our little toddlers. Even though the first thing that hits our mint while talking about fashion games is a sexy dress and accessories, fashion boundaries are far beyond clothing and accessories. Correct me if I am wrong, but we cannot manage to complete our look without an impressive hairdo. 


Fashion (in my opinion), is a smart blend of clothing and hairdo since minor amendments in hair can give a new definition of your entire look. Moreover, you can transform yourself from a boring simple girl to a fashion diva. However, fashion keeps on evolving, and your super iconic fashion look can be a turn off in today’s fashion world. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the hairdo of the earlier 60s, you will find them quite boring and outdated. Hence, if you want to stay up to date, you ought to upgrade your hairstyle according to the modern fashion game. 


Now, every girl has a different hair type; some have thick, some enjoy short hair, while a few (like me) have thin hair; however, we all want to go crazy with our hairstyles, and try out some new looks. But our question is, is it possible with short or thin hair? Yes, you can completely slay any fashion look by simply using hair extensions. Trust me! They are the biggest savior, and you can use them in every possible way. 

Either you want to add some fun color to your hair, trying to volumize thin hair, or adding length, hair extensions are your jam. Hence, if you are among girls who do not feel like trying out a different hairdo, thanks to the unsettled hair, we have a solution for you; after all, who does not dream of an appealing hairdo!

So if you are eager to learn more about hair, hair extensions, and hair colors in fashion, then you will surely love this article, as it is all about having fun with your hair, the right use of hair extensions, and the newest hair fashion obsession. Moreover, it also saves you from investing a huge some in hair colors and cuts. 


Now, hair extensions are the current fashion fever, and there is a massive increase in the demand for hair extensions. Hence, we notice a noticeable increase in the brands producing hair extensions to help us enjoy some fun hairdo. 

However, mere hair extension production is not good enough; you need to work on the packaging as well to enhance your customers. An impressive hair extension box is the solution to all your sales-related issues. For this reason, you can either use your idea or hire a respectable packaging company such as Dawn Printing to accommodate the packaging needs. 

So, how can a business come up with an out of the box hair extension packaging box, use the subsequent ideas to uplift the packaging for your hair extensions brand:

  • Go unique with your hair extension packaging; a simple packaging won’t do the job for you; therefore, you need something different to make a mark in the competitive world
  •  Bid farewell to the misconception that packaging is not important, a customer focus on the packaging before the actual product
  • Give your unique touch to the typical hair extension packaging box
  • Design the hair extension packaging according to your target market
  • Go for a window hair extension box
  • Combine different packaging ideas to create a personalized hair extension packaging box for your brand


The growing fondness of hair extensions is opening doors to fun hair extension trends in the world. Besides, the market also has an assortment of attachment styles for the ladies out there. Regardless of sharing the properties, they are quite contrasting to each other. This is excellent, as women can go for any hair extension to glam up the entire look. 

However, the fact is that the hair extension trend solely relies on the hair saloons, hair experts, the options available, and the inclination in the country. Girls as fashion freaks often tend to look for a particular type of hair extensions; however, due to unavailability, you have to go for the leading options available in the market. 

Since several girls strive to order a hair extension online, but what’s the second step? You do not know the accurate way to install it. Either you have to seek help from an expert in the country or else go for the well to do options in the market. 

Moreover, another factor leading to the popularity of hair extension is the ratio of its popularity among people. I’m sure you’ve heard about certain hair extensions from your pals and the social media reviews that compel you to give it a shot. Even though generalizing is tough, the hair extension priorities are quite troublesome. 


Girls of the UK primarily love micro beads, nanobeads, and clip hair extensions. So let us take a look at the famous hair extensions fashion in the UK:

  • Micro beaded hair:

Micro beaded hair

This type of hair extension has delicate strands of hair needle in a ring, and you set this ring near the roots of your hair. This type of hair extension is popular, as you do not need pin or glue to set the hair extension. Furthermore, you do not have to remove the hair extension every night; thus, it gives you a vibe of natural hair. 

However, what makes micro hair bead my favorite is that you get a sense of security, it does not come off easily and make you feel like your own hair. So all you need is to close it, and it won’t come off until you decide to remove it. Nonetheless, as a tiny hair extension, you can flip it anytime to change the hairdo.


Now, let us talk about the hair extension trend in the USA and Canada, so clip and tape hair extensions are quite a storm in the fashion world. The reason is that the microbead hair extension is not their cup of tea. However, on the contrary, tape and clip hair extensions are quite a simple option to lengthen your hair.  

Even though the name clearly explains the concept behind these two hair extensions, one needs a clip, while the other one uses tape. However, both the hair extensions are temporary, and you can take them off with ease. Now, let us dig deep into these two hair extensions: 

  • Tape hair extension:

tape hair extension

The tape hair extension is another excellent method with super simple usage. Though it would be nice if you ask an expert to install the hair extension for you. The tape hair extension shows up with a 4 cm wide piece of tape that you set on both sides of your scalp. Besides, this tape works for five months, so that you can replace the tape with a fresh one. Hence, it saves your cost of buying a new hair extension each time.

  • Clip hair extension:

Clip hair extension

Talk about comfort, and none can match up the clip hair extensions. They are super easy to set, and you can take it off whenever you want. Moreover, you need 15 minutes to set it, and merely a minute to remove it. 


Finally, let us talk about some classy hairstyles you can create using a hair extension:

Super sleek hair look:

Super sleek hair look

We all adore celebrities such as Jlo, the Kardashians, and Rihanna, for their stunning hairdos. Watching them nail the sleek hairdo and the crave of pulling it off is common among every girl. So, this is one of the most straightforward hairdos, and you can create this look by the clip hair extensions. Lastly, apply heat-protecting serum, and straighten them for the effortless sleek look. Read also Buy Hair Straightener

Choppy layers hairdo:

Choppy layers hairdo

This type of hairstyle works well for a rough and sexy look. Besides creating this look is quite simple:

  • Apply conditioner on your for hair overnight
  • Do not shampoo your hair, rather rise them
  • Give them a massage for five minutes
  • let them dry
  • Iron the ends for the final look

Flat iron weave:

The flat iron wave is a massive hit in the fashion world, and you can replicate this look using the tape in hair extension. Apply the hair extension sandwiched between the layer of natural hair to get the desired volume. Now, push the flat iron upwards til in bends your hair, let it stay in that position for a few seconds. Remove and use the same trick for the rest of the hair. Besides, iron the ends for a neat look, and you are ready to hypnotize everyone with your classy hairstyles. However, use heat protecting serum before using a straightener.