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IT managed services are a concept of outsourcing manifold business processes that are computer-aided to third-party experts. These service providers are usually known worldwide as IT Managed Contractors. The responsibility of these contractors is to provide information technology related equipment and services to business enterprises and in return get a predetermined fee for the work done. It is a booming substitute for the on-demand or break/fix outsourcing agreements in which contractors only offer their services when a company specifically requests them.

Generally, the payments and services are governed with the help of a (SLA) service level agreement. It assists both contractors and companies in outlining the quality metrics and scope of the services offered. One of the biggest reasons why companies give preference to retain IT management professionals is to ensure that their IT expenses remain predictable. It consequently allows them to shift their undivided attention to more important core business challenges from routine IT functions.

Business enterprises have finally started to realize that it does not seem sensible to commit a huge portion of their resources to the management of IT related tasks. Third parties can more efficiently perform those functions that too at a much lower cost. This positive awareness in companies is playing a massive role in the incessant growth of IT managed services popularity.

Some of the notable services offered by IT management contractors include storage services, application services, security services, recovery and back up services, network services, email services, hosting services, telecommunication services and many others. If you and your company is also looking forward to hire the best IT managed services in Florida, the following list of top IT contractors will assist you in this endeavor.

ENTINT – Enterprise Integration

ENTINT is a Jacksonville, FL based IT management services provider that is equally good for both SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) and large companies. SMEs can get assistance to increase their accessibility to business-grade cutting edge technology. This latest technology can enhance their IT infrastructure’s reliability and aid in maintaining profitability and uptime.

On the other hand, if you have a large company then IT solutions provided by ENTINT can help you gain competitive advantages as your company will be able to consistently innovate and advance business growth in a market that is fiercely competitive. Some of the notable IT managed services offered by ENTINT include:

  • Information Technology Service Management – It includes management of mobile devices, IT asset and inventory management, management of software licensing and a lot of other similar functions that can help your business in maximizing its true potential.
  • Information Technology Business Management – ENTINT can help you manage all the business processes, user demands, applications, services and projects in an effective way, while driving consistent improvement, enhancing visibility and balancing all the available resources.
  • Information Technology Operations Management – You can improve your monitoring capabilities and infrastructure management in order to make sure the accessibility to your key digital resources and high performance.


NTELLEXTECH is always the leading name whenever it comes to the most dependable and proficient IT managed services in Florida. It is a technology based business consulting agency that has more than twenty years of extensive experience in providing IT solutions that can significantly boost the efficiency of your routine business operations. Ntellextech has already offered its topnotch services to multiple SMEs, startups as well as Fortune 500 enterprises.

The best thing that your company can enjoy by partnering up with Ntellextech is that you longer have to be worried about agitating downtimes that could happen as a result of insufficient IT services. With a well trained team and two decades of experience, this is the IT management contractor that your company must consider irrespective of the industry in which you operate and size of your business. Ntellextech specializes in following services:

  • Anti-Virus Services – NTELLEXrelies upon an elite squad of security specialists. These experts have access to first-rate tools that are available in the industry. The goal is to offer solid security to your business while maximizing the overall productivity.
  • Desktop Monitoring – Keep a close eye on how every single workstation is being operated. Desktop monitoring services always come very handy in providing abundant insights regarding business operations and notify the problems right away once they get detected.
  • Managed Helpdesk​– When any integral IT system goes down even for several short minutes, it can cause a lot of trouble and can even negatively affect your customer satisfaction. With 24/7 help desk, Ntellextech resolves all the potential IT based hindrances that can decelerate the progress of your business operations.

Some of the other IT management services offered by NTELLEXTECH include augmented staffing services, spam filtering services as well as server monitoring services.

IT Authorities

The approach of IT Authorities toward offering IT managed services is a bit different. The services provided by its experts to small, medium and large business enterprises are developed on the foundation of clarity, transparency, accountability and business innovation. To IT Authorities, managed services do not merely mean supporting the hardware components of the business. Instead, its focus is on efficiently coordinating all the software, applications and specialized techniques that your company might have developed to achieve tactical and strategic goals.

Those days are long gone when your company had to draft cumbersome contracts and get limited services in return. With customers-based pricing method developed by IT Authorities your business enterprise can get the most out of the following services:

  • Vendor Management
  • Security and AD Management
  • Backup Management
  • Technology Management
  • Asset Management
  • Collaboration Management

Optional services include application patching, SQL management and cyber security for your business.


Based in Tampa, Florida, LAIR SERVICES, INC. is an ideal solution to all of your small business IT needs. All of the IT managed services are offered at a very reasonable flat fee. It does mean that you will not have to waste your precious time in contract development and your company can rather focus on its core business functions.

From data backup to cyber defense and VoIP services to email protection, all IT related services are provided. Some of the substantial upsides of signing up with LAIR, Inc are listed below:

  • 24/7 Availability – Irrespective of time or day your company will always be taken care by the top professionals.
  • Tailored Packages – Every business has unique needs. That is why your organization can get a custom package according to its budget or size.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Nonstop monitoring signifies that your business will no longer encounter IT related catastrophes. It will consequently increase the overall productivity.

4 Corner IT

Every year business organizations lose hundreds and thousands dollars merely because of inefficient computer software and hardware. To tackle all these issues your company can count on the IT managed services offered by 4 Corner IT. The company is based in Florida and has a superb team of IT specialists who have good experience to deal with web security related problems, cloud services, dedicated hosting and disaster recovery. Following are some notable benefits that your company can get by hiring the services of 4 Corner IT.

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  • 24/7 oversight and management of vital IT systems
  • Complete software and hardware support
  • Precautionary maintenance of key networks and servers
  • Enhanced productivity and performance of your business