Gift Cards- Best Tool To Build The Customer Loyalty

Gift Cards- Best Tool To Build The Customer Loyalty

If there is a person who is fond of shopping, then he must have heard of something called gift cards. Today’s young generation knows much about Amazon gift card discount. Gift cards have become an important thing in today’s shopping world. Customers usually go crazy for them. But today we are going to discuss the other side of the coin. In this article, we will tell you how you can use gift cards to boost your business game.

If you have built your brand successfully and have raised the brand awareness for your business, then the chances are that new customers will be visiting your business. In today’s competitive world it becomes very important to retain those valuable customers. Many studies have also proved that retaining a customer is less expensive as compared to acquire one. And when you get a phenomenal tool to retain your customer base, then what else you need? But the thing is how you can use gift cards to retain the customers of your business. Following are the tips which you should follow if you really want to keep the major chunk of your customers with yourself:

  • Use them as a part of your CLP

The best way to use the gift cards for the good of your business is to incorporate them in your customer loyalty programme. The customers who regularly make a purchase from your store can be offered gift cards by you. You can offer such gift cards on discounted prices to them.

  • Use a seasonal approach

Whenever we hear the word “gift cards”, the first thing that comes to our mind is the holiday shopping. That’s the reason why most of the businessmen use the gift cards as a part of their holiday offers or deals. For example, the customers can be offered 5% discount if they use gift cards for shopping during the government holidays or any such occasion, which the businessman thinks, does not generate much of the customer traffic.

  • Offer them on a discount

Gift cards are hard to avoid. But when they are offered at a discount, customers go nuts about them. For example, you can offer gift cards at 10% discount and can attach it with the purchase of only those goods which generates you a profit of more than 10 percent. 

  • As a response to customer complaints

Whenever a customer’s complaints, whether by coming in store or through email, then this can be taken as an opportunity. Such customers can be grabbed through the gift cards as these can be offered to them to make them feel special. People generally link the Gift cards with something special which is obviously meant for someone special.

Above-mentioned are some tips which you can keep in your mind, if you want to use gift cards as the dominant tool of your customer loyalty programme. If you are unable to arrange the physical gift cards, then you can do so through Amazon e-gift card service if your business is listed on their website.