Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids That You Should Try

Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

As you know, every kid loves snacks. In fact, you can say that the words snacks and kids have become synonymous with each other. On the other hand, try showing any kid some vegetables and see how their turn away their face. In other words, junk food is tasty for them while home-cooked food is not. But, as a parent, you want your kids to eat healthy food. And, you know how healthy Indian food are when compared to other food types around the world. After all, Indian food and snacks mainly rely on using natural ingredients in the home. For that reason, more and more parents are choosing Indian snacks for kids to cut back the junk food.

Of course, you may wonder what type of Indian snacks are out there that you can give your kids as snacks. Well, keep reading because below is everything you need to know about it

Healthy Indian Snacks For Kids

Essential nutrients that your kids’ food should have

Obviously, you need to know about this when choosing the food that your kid should have. Since kids grow quickly, you need to give them the right nutrients every day. In turn, this makes that their growth process doesn’t get affected in any way. Some of the nutrients that their food should have are:



In the human body, muscles and tissues are very important. For them to grow and be strong, protein in the diet is very important. Furthermore, it helps with maintaining good immunity. Yes, you can get it from milk, meat, and eggs.



Surely, you know just how important calcium is for bones. Yes, they are very crucial for children whose bones are growing every day. Of course, the best source for calcium is milk but there are other sources also.

#Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Certainly, for strong and healthy bones, this is a vitamin that your kid’s diet should have. After all, vitamin D is necessary to absorb the calcium present in your food. Otherwise, your children’s bodies will not absorb it. Milk is an excellent source of vitamin D. On the other hand, sunlight is also a good source of vitamin D.


Well, for adults taking in fats may be a big no. But, not for kids. That’s right, growing kids need healthy or good fat for their metabolism and strong bones. And, you can get it through ghee, vegetable oils, and flax seeds.

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Popular and tasty Indian snacks for kids

Now that you know what nutrients should be present in your kid’s food, let’s see the different snack ideas that Indian food has in store for your kid.

  1. Oats apple crumble
  2. Bhel puri
  3. Aata halwa
  4. Pasta
  5. Vegetable rich veg pulao
  6. Pav bhaji
  7. Veg roll or egg roll
  8. Ragi cookies
  9. Roasted makhana
  10. Wheat flour-based homemade pizza
  11. Daliya or porridge with fruits in it
  12. Aata spring rolls with veggies
  13. Vegetable sandwich
  14. Sooji halwa
  15. Egg omelettes
  16. Sprouts
  17. Upma
  18. Poha
  19. Oats idli
  20. Steamed dhoklas

Well, there is more to this list. But, you can be certain of one thing. And, that is – Indian snacks for kids are best at taste and health of your growing children. So, the next time your little angel asks for snacks, give one of the above dishes.

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