5 Sales Strategies to Easily Sell More Products

5 Sales Strategies to Easily Sell More Products - Increase Sales

How to increase sales? This question is the most popular in the trade. No matter how high the real figure is, this will always not be enough, since according to the plan it should still be slightly larger. In fact, the answer to the question asked has long been found. Moreover, it is available to everyone who is ready to use proven and reliable developments and practices of successful organisations in their business. In this article, you will find out which ways to increase sales are the most optimal and effective.

1. Working with outgoing traffic

Ask yourself how many visitors leave your store each year to get advice or think when something doesn’t work for them and doesn’t return? What prevents you from completing such failures? After all, this will instantly increase the volume of products sold.

The meaning of this method is to get the contact information of the outgoing visitor and permission to send him notifications by E-mail or in the messenger.

This way of increasing sales will have the desired effect at the final stage of interaction.

2. Working out typical objections

Every company is faced with such standard customer objections as “not interesting”, “I need to consult”, “I’ll think about it”, “too expensive.” And you probably regularly hear such phrases from your visitors. We recommend that you write them down and select a competent conversion practice for each objection.

Those of them that are most common should be worked out even before they occur. Then there will be more chances that the customer will make a purchase.

For example, if you most often come across such a typical objection as “expensive”, then say directly during the presentation: “Quite often our customers are interested in why this product has such a price. The point is … ”(continue with meaningful arguments).

3. Conducting comparative sales

People tend to compare everything. It is not surprising, because how else will they be able to understand whether it is beautiful or not, a lot or a little, expensive or cheap? They need some kind of basic point of reference.

Imagine that there is a large mountain of sand in front of you.

Some of the readers imagined a sandy mountain three meters high, while others – the size of a nine-store building. It turns out that the “big mountain” is different for everyone.

The same goes for buyers. When you show them just one product, they start having difficulty making a purchasing decision as there is no item to compare. In such cases, there is a great risk that they will go looking for products to compare with competitors. Therefore, the presentation should always contain at least two products in comparison, and preferably three.

This way of increasing the sale of goods has an additional plus. The fact is that the story about one product is often perceived as an imposition. Especially if you mention only its merits. But in the case when it comes to two products, the pros and cons of which are compared, there is much more trust.

4. Participation in events

Participation in festivals and exhibitions will allow you to increase both wholesale and retail sales. Event marketing is a great way to represent your product, don’t neglect it.

Manufacturers of goods for the final consumer market and their sellers can also accompany various celebrations and events. Thus, they get the opportunity to earn more profit and remind the target audience of themselves.

5. Increase online sales

Universal methods for any organisations operating in the service sector or in the commodity business:

Development of a product promotion strategy. Often there are businessmen rushing between different tools and not knowing which one is best to use. In order not to be among them, clearly define your goal and develop a detailed step-by-step strategy that will allow you to achieve it. Then there will be no problems with the tools, they will pick up by themselves.

Choosing the right advertising channels. Find out where you can find potential buyers and how to get their attention. For example, an attractive signboard and outdoor advertising will be quite enough for a small pastry shop. And to promote an online store, you need SEO and contextual advertising.

Using content marketing tools. This is work for the future since the effect of content marketing does not appear immediately but after a while. It should be added that last year 39% of all organisations in the world made more investments in this way of promotion. So it is really effective.

Analysis of advertising activity. Compare the effectiveness of the advertising channels you use. Disable the unprofitable ones and keep the ones that bring in the most buyers. This allows you to focus on what works best, as well as manage your ad budget and avoid unnecessary costs.


If you have only one way to attract customers in your business arsenal, know that everything you have can evaporate at any moment. For a business, one is not the best number. Use a variety of marketing tools to boost your sales. There is no universal method for success. However, there are at least 100 ways at your disposal, each of which will help you increase your sales by 1%.

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