8 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Senior Living Center

Senior Living Center

Are you looking for a quality senior living center for your loved one? Are you wondering how to choose the perfect environment for senior independent living?

Believe it or not, not all senior living facilities are the same. The needs and preferences of your loved one need to be carefully factored in.

Here’s what you need to know about Senior Living Center

  1. Location

Before you start looking for a “senior living center near me,” consider how often you’re planning on visiting your loved one. Will you be stopping by on your way to work? Will you be coming by on weekends to take them out shopping?

It’s important to choose a location that’s convenient for you and/or your siblings and other relatives to access. You’ll want to be sure that visiting and keeping your loved one company when they need it won’t be difficult.

It’s also important to consider how your loved one will be able to access things like grocery stores, hospitals, or malls. This is especially true if they have always enjoyed an active lifestyle.

  1. Consider Types of Care

Assisted living facilities offer an array of care types, and you’ll need to know what your loved one requires before choosing one.

Some facilities offer skilled nursing care. This is when licensed health professionals are available to help with complex health issues. If your loved one is suffering from chronic illness or recovering from surgery, they may require skilled nurses on site.

Some facilities offer memory care. This is specialized care for those with memory issues that may include meals, housekeeping, and help with a variety of daily activities. These could include bathing, dressing, or toileting.

Your loved one could be looking for respite care. This will provide short-term relief for your loved one’s primary caregiver. Respite care can be arranged for several weeks or months, or just for an afternoon or weekend.

If you’re interested in a local nursing home, make sure they provide the kind of care your loved one is looking for. Talk to professionals and learn how they are experienced enough to meet your loved one’s needs. Some facilities offer all of these types of care in one place.

  1. Get Recommendations and Read Reviews

Your loved one may have friends who reside in assisted living facilities they’re comfortable with. Or maybe you have trusted friends who can give you an honest assessment of their experience.

Local community groups on social media are also a great way to find out which facilities locals are happy with. You may see similar comments repeating themselves about the “friendly staff” or the “great activities.” Repeated comments can give you a good idea of the type of experience your loved one can expect to have.

Similarly, read online reviews of local facilities. Be wary of negative comments that you see more than once, as this could be an indication that your loved one may encounter some less-than-optimal service.

  1. Consider Your Budget

The cost of assisted living often includes meals, housekeeping, and round-the-clock medical supervision. Yet you’ll need to consider how you’ll pay for it each month.

Maybe insurance or government programs can help. You can also consider options such as reverse mortgages, equity lines of credit, or assisted living loans. 

Before you choose an assisted living facility for your loved one, know how much you’ll be paying as well as how you’re going to pay for it.

  1. Visit

Nothing will give you a better feel for how an assisted living community operates than an in-person visit. Does it seem clean, and do residents seem well-cared-for? Does everyone seem to be relatively happy and engaged?

Take a look around and look for emergency features. These could include emergency call systems or handrails. Make note of how the staff greets you, and how up-to-date the facility is.

  1. Consider Activities

If your loved one is particularly active, they probably won’t want to sit in their room all day. You’ll want to get an idea of what kinds of activities are available for seniors so they stay upbeat and engaged.

Maybe your loved one would like to take painting classes or learn a new language. They might enjoy book clubs, woodworking classes, or bus trips to the local mall. Your loved one might enjoy staying active with dance classes or yoga.

It’s easier for someone to fit in when they know they’re learning a new skill with others. This can also serve to keep their mind sharp. Find out about activities before choosing a facility for your loved one.

  1. Size

You could choose a nursing facility with as little as ten or as many as five hundred residents. 

Size depends largely upon the preference of your loved one. You’ll also want to consider the staff-to-resident ratio and how much attention your loved one will be getting. Make sure you know what size establishment you’re looking for before you start your search.

  1. Amenities

You may be able to choose between assisted living facilities that offer a variety of amenities. These could include a fitness center, swimming pool, coffee shop, or library. Consider your loved one’s personality and interests before making a final decision.

Choosing a Senior Living Center

The right senior living center for your loved ones will keep them active for as long as possible. They’ll also enjoy access to quality medical care and nursing assistance when they need it. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one is in good hands.

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