Top Tips to Boost Your Mobile Website for Voice Search

Top Tips to Boost Your Mobile Website for Voice Search

These days, people look for information on smartphones and iPads because it’s convenient and easy. They can search for content on the go or from the comfort of their home or office, whatever is the case. Again, visitors use voice search on their mobiles instead of typing text repeatedly, which is tiring and time-consuming. A voice or personal assistant eliminates the hassle of typing for information on Google. It’s fast as well compared to text search. 

The millennial generation prefers voice interfaces and has shown much enthusiasm for smart speakers, which are trendy and easy to use. It means that marketers need to mull over the impact of voice search on mobile websites. 

According to an article published on Searchenginejournal, there are many reasons why people use voice search. It lets them multitask, makes their daily routine work simple, helps them do things quickly, and gives them the power to get instant answers or information. Here are some of the top tips to boost your mobile website for voice search: 

Keep content simple and short 

Regardless of what business you have, simply keep in mind that when individuals use their smartphones to access the web, these people are searching for information or content that is optimized as well as mobile-friendly for the platform. Therefore, make certain you use simple sentences, short and succinct paragraphs, as well as include subheadings for making reading easy and convenient. That is because the online audience scans content without long walls of text, irritating ads or pop-ups, and distractions. All these aspects interfere with easy readability. 

Then, it’s imperative to churn out a relevant blog or web content that helps readers to understand things related to your products or services, and how these help them in their daily lives to solve their problems. If your targeted audience finds that you have a coffeemaker that makes brewing the beverage fast and simple, they will choose that product. Then, you need to explain the benefits of the product in a blog post without promoting the item. 

Again, a home décor store might have a blog for answering questions such as “How do you decorate the living room wall in a small budget?” Then, you need to ensure that the blog you write is short and succinct, answering the questions readers ask without beating about the bush. These little things matter when it comes to creating content for mobile sites and voice search. 

Keep the text short and simple because people using voice search are on the go and usually busy. Therefore, they do not have much time to read a long wall of text. The search answer tool will just read the text and therefore, only include the crux of the matter, not more nor less. 

When it comes to text search, people can read an entire article or at least scan the same, but this does not happen when it comes to voice search. 

Improve your web page load speed 

Did you know that Google’s Speed Update has been long implemented? Therefore, you need to design a mobile site that loads fast. The pages must include an intuitive design as well as smooth navigation so that visitors can find the information they want right away. If your pages take several minutes to load, visitors will click away and bounce rates will increase, which is bad for your website’s rankings in the search pages. 

According to industry experts, mobile searches are increasing. Did you know that approximately 60 percent of searches are on smartphones, and most of these will pass through voice search to look for information like local bookstores, eateries, cafes, getting directions, ordering online products, and things like that? 

Studies indicate that half of all online searches would be voice by the year 2020. Therefore, marketers must take into account the effect voice search would have on SEO or seek help from nearest optimization Company

Use long search phrases or keywords (KWs)

People use voice search the way they speak every day, which is a natural thing to do. Therefore, it will help your website SEO if you use long-tail KWs or search phrases. Though Yoast tells that such searches generate low traffic, it accounts for a high rate of conversion. That is because these searches are more precise. 

You need to frame your KWs just as people ask a question or normally speak. The focus should be on natural speech instead of KW distinctions. You will have to consider as much as variations of natural speech to get the desired results. 

You can use the tool Answer the Public as well as Google Search Console to figure out the particular questions that bring visitors to your mobile website. At present, there is no specific way to ascertain which search queries arrive from voice search or which come from text-based search. Then, Google has dropped a hint that it might change in the days to come. 

A smart idea is to write the kind of questions your buyers or potential clients ask while looking for product or service information. You make sure that your customer service agents know this and document such questions or queries. This way, you can design content pages that target the more focused search phrases or KWs. 

Ensure your business is on Google My Business 

When you show your business on Google My Business listing, it helps the search engine giant to access the essential information related to your business. These include your phone number, office hours, address, industry, and things like that. Do not miss any important details; else, customers will not be able to contact you for product queries. It also makes your business look genuine and credible when you include address and phone numbers. 

You need to keep these things in mind to improve the possibilities of your business displaying in related voice search results. You need to include citations in related business directories as well as positive customer feedback if that is possible. 

Wrapping up

Keep these tips in mind to improve your mobile website for voice search. It is the trend now and therefore, you must reap the maximum benefits out of the same.