White Bathing Suit: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying It

White Bathing Suit
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Who does not like a white bathing suit? I mean, they are spotless, look well on those well-toned abs, and even make you stand out from the rest of the crowd at the beach. But just in case you didn’t know, there are plenty of people who actually fear this shade when it comes to bathing suits.

Why one might ask, the reasons are pretty simple. You are afraid to show up in a color that can be easily spoiled. Moreover, you might also be afraid of the potential skin show. But worry not. The good news is most of these fears are completely unfounded. 

See Through and Stretchy

First of all, do not simply assume that white will not work with you. However, one of the most basic fears about buying a white bathing suit cover-up is whether or not the suit will be see-through. It is a legit concern, and we get it. How do you alleviate your fears? Very simple. Put your hand inside the suit and stretch it a little.

If you can see your fingers, it is most likely to be see-through. However, it is very easily remedied. Furthermore, you can invest in a double-lined bathing suit, and the chances of things best kept private flashing will be reduced to nil. Well worth the money, we say. 

Now, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that white is a color that flatters all manner of skin tones. Also, the color itself does not matter much. You can even select an off-white bathing suit if it catches your fancy. However, what does matter is the cut of the suit you select for yourself.

Always respect your body type and choose an outfit that will make you look the best. For example, you have to decide what makes you look better, a cheeky bikini bottom or a fully seated brief, and see what makes your butt look peachy. 

Proper Care is a Must
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Proper Care is a Must

In the end, whatever suit you choose must be followed through with proper care and maintenance. Your white bathing suit top especially, since it can easily get stained and frayed due to excessive wear. Keep your white bathing suit bottoms away from the bronzer and self-tanner if you do not want the outfit to be damaged beyond repair. It is not a risk worth taking.

A bathing suit is an extremely glamorous addition to your wardrobe. Moreover, you can wear it to the beach and flaunt it as you like. It does not matter what your body type is; we can guarantee you will find a bathing suit only for you. Now what remains is to take care of it so you can keep wearing it till kingdom comes without much of a problem.

Proper Care is a Must
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Also, never disregard your gut. It is the most powerful instrument at your disposal. If you think a certain garment is not for you, don’t buy it, regardless of how much peer pressure is put on you. Also, do take care while splurging on that extra fabric. You may want to hide or accentuate certain parts of your body, but sometimes, all it does is make you look awkward. 

All things aside, we recommend a white bathing suit with all our wild, excited hearts.



1. Do white bathing suits turn yellow?

It may fade to a slight yellow shade after a few years. 

2. Do swimsuits look good on fair skin?

Swimsuits look good on all types of skin.

3. What is the most flattering swimsuit color?

Dark blue or navy blue is the most flattering color.

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