Kendra Andrews And Malika Andrews Are Living The High Life

Kendra Andrews

Remember Kendra Andrews and Malika Andrews? The power-packed sister’s duo who interview the biggest names in basketball and cover the NBA regularly? Well, they are thriving and rocking the world of sports journalism. Both of them are only in their 20s, but still, their meteoric rise doesn’t seem to end.

Quite interestingly, when Kendra and Malike were kids, they would clear the table after the family ate every night, setting the clock so they could snatch up all plates within 24 seconds. We guess this is where the love for basketball stemmed from. 

Lots of Support

A Shining Legacy

Malika entered the world of sports journalism first. She started working for ESPN interviewing the big shots of the game. Kendra followed in her elder sister’s footsteps last January as an NBA reporter covering the Golden State Warriors from their home state, Oakland. When she was asked whether she was anxious about how her sister would fare, Malika laughed and said she certainly lost no sleep for it. She was always confident that Kendra would bag the job and do a rather good job of it. The sisters rooted for each other. 

The Andrew sisters’ success in the field of reporting is the stuff of legend. They are young and black, female and confident. These are all the ingredients of a tale worth telling. Moreover, they are also working for the top sports channel in the country. And like all the other stories where people climbed the social ladder slowly to reach the very top.

They juggled a lot of random freelance jobs, joined internships that did not pay well, spent hours working low-paying gigs, and consumed a lot of coffee in between. Sleep was a foregone concept. The sisters knew the more they sweated now, the more they would earn later. 

A Shining Legacy

Lots of Support

According to Malika and Kendra Andrews, they have received hundreds of gushing emails and tweets from admirers all across the world for their content and style. Most of them are mothers of black girls who want to follow them into the world of professional reporting. But there also has been the occasional sliver of nepotism as well. Now, it is a widely known fact that when one member of a family makes it big in some department and then another member of the same family carries on the torch, critics crawl out of the woodwork to fling accusations. 

But so far, Malika and Kendra Andrews ESPN have shrugged off all negativity and criticism. They are confident that for every detractor, they have three admirers who are regularly inspired by whatever they say and do. As Malika puts forward rather strongly, it is not as if black women from Oakland have had historical privileges that allow them to enter a world historically dominated by men.

Also, the facts speak for themselves. Ratings for ESPN during her time slot have significantly increased. Moreover, working for the same channel means the sisters often get to share airtime together, and it is quite delightful to see their chemistry unfold on screen. See Kendra Andrews’ Warriors husband. 

The Andrews sisters remain an inspiration for many people, especially young black women like themselves, and we wish them the best of luck in their careers. Also, they are truly beacons of hope for people who want to take up sports journalism as a career. 

Lots of Support
Credit: new york post


1. Is Malika Andrews related to Kendra Andrews?

Yes Malika and Kendra Andrews are sisters. 

2. Who is older, Malika or Kendra Andrews?

Malika is the older sister and Kendra the younger. 

3. Where did Kendra Andrews go to college?

Kendra Andrews is a graduate of Gonzaga University. 

4. What is Kendra Andrews’ age?

Kendra Andrews is 25 years old. 

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