How To Make Your Online Virtual Events and Conference Successful?

Virtual Events

The global pandemic crisis has taken all the nation by troll resulting in cancellations of various events. In the current scenario where some events got completely canceled due to pandemic and some are postponed, live virtual events come to aid. Organizations are taking a step ahead to take their events online and go virtual, that not only safeguard the health of people but helps in connecting with millions from their remote locations. 

Virtual Video Conferencing

Gone are the days when face to face conferences and meetings were held to discuss business plans and strategies or carry out internal team meetings. As we entered the new world, hosting a virtual video conference on the best virtual conference platforms or conference apps has become an integral part of any organization.   Virtual video conferencing is on the rise these days and can offer you with the arsenal of valuable insights if used wisely. Remote video conferencing helps in reaching millions of people irrespective of their geographical location without having to spend a penny on travel just for attending a face to face conference or meeting. 

Webcasting for conferences is not new but it’s unfamiliar to some organizations. Understanding the right metrics to carry out a successful virtual conference call or virtual video conferencing is a must which is different from traditional live virtual events. 

If you have not yet entered a new digital age and hosted a virtual video conference with business partners, clients, stakeholders, etc. now is the time to get started. Hosting virtual video conferencing is a great way to expand your company’s portfolio thus resulting in generating better leads and revenue.

Hosting a virtual video conferencing is a tricky task. Webcasting a bunch of virtual conferences and webinars is not enough to make your online virtual conference successful. In this article, we have shared a few tips to make your Live virtual events successful.

1. Utilize video content for virtual conferencing

Creating visual stimuli engages virtual audiences with live virtual events. An effective delivery by the best speakers along with slides alone is not enough to hold the audience’s attention. The best virtual conference platforms allow you to host virtual video conferencing and reach your potential audiences. It overcomes the barrier of geographical limitations that exist in face to face in-person conferencing. The speakers and the organizers should benefit from video content by utilizing it completely. When audiences can see the presenter, it makes the conference or meeting more engaging and keeps them hooked throughout the presentation thereby delivering personalized memorable experiences to the attendees. 

2. Take the best audio option into consideration

Same as video, if the quality of audio used in remote video conferencing is not up to the mark, it will result in losing your audiences. A virtual video conference with a buffered sound or if your attendees are unable to hear the speaker will result in the fall of the live virtual conference. The audiences tend to leave the webcast as soon as they tuned in. Check the quality of the speaker’s microphone, platforms that are responsible for capturing audio, network connectivity, and so on before webcasting for conferences for seamless delivery of sound. Test various options before virtual video conferencing and select the best for your virtual event. Still keeping alternatives ready helps you to prevent sudden technical erupts. 

3. Customize the speech as per virtual video conferencing

A speech for in-person events and live virtual events may vary. It’s not always necessary that the same speech works effectively in both cases. Translating the speech of the speaker according to live virtual events is a must. The gestures used while giving a live speech during in-person events won’t go well with live virtual events. Speakers during virtual video conferencing should utilize various tools such as modified slides and build emotional connect for engaging audiences.

4. Make your virtual conference interactive

Making virtual video conferencing interactive, is the key to success. No one can remain hooked with a virtual conference throughout where only the speaker is speaking. It not only seems monotonous but results in the fall of a virtual event as well. The best virtual conference platforms generally come with audience polling features. Incorporating polling features amid your presentation keeps your audience engaged. You can ask your attendees to submit questions via the platform, be it in mid of the conference or at the end of the session. Collecting questions alone is not enough, the speaker should keep an eye on them to address them afterward, resulting in making your virtual conference successful.

5. A comprehensive A/V check is must

Generally, speakers are familiar with A/V checks and they can do it easily when it comes to in-person events, but that’s not the case with virtual ones. It’s not necessary for a broadcaster to use the same virtual conference platform which they used in the past. A great speaker who is well versed with virtual events, keeps himself prepared for the virtual event. Keeping that approach is a must for the success of an online virtual conference. It is advised to check everything in advance right from audio-video quality, screen sharing, private messaging, audience Q&A sessions, internet connectivity, equipment, and so on before webcasting for conferences.

6. Plan for a technical glitch

Live virtual events are carried out well in a controlled environment where skilled technicians are taking care of live virtual events. The best virtual conference platforms allow you to host a virtual video conference seamlessly. But developing plans for sudden technical erupts which may appear during the session is a must. 

Online virtual events or virtual conferences seem new to some meeting planners, but if executed properly it is likely to give much better results than face to face conferences and meetings. The right content and delivery make your online virtual conference successful, resulting in better growth and revenue. If you are experiencing failure in hosting a successful online virtual conference, do it with the right tricks and enjoy the meetings and conferences from the comfort of your own home or offices.