Can Pain Management Help My Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Pain management options for lower back pain
Pain management options for lower back pain

Your back and its muscles act as the main support structure for your whole body. A strong back stabilizes your spine and helps you perform daily tasks with ease. Your lower back is the part that is majorly involved in carrying, lifting, and supporting an upright posture. But when this part starts hurting, you cannot think of anything other than getting lasting relief. 

If the pain in this region of your back extends for more than 12 weeks, it’s time for you to see a pain management clinic. Advanced Pain Care, Texas’s leading pain management center, provides a range of treatment options under the guidance of highly skilled pain specialists. You will get treated by the best orthopaedic specialist of Austin at the center.

Prolonged back pain can also point to other serious underlying conditions such as osteoporosis, spine cancer, or ruptured disc. Here is how pain management from an advanced diagnostic pain treatment center helps you take charge of your pain and get lasting relief. 

What Is the Treatment for Lower Back Pain

  • Epidural Steroid Injections

These injections help treat lower back pain caused due to inflammation. They have anti-inflammatory effects that subdue pain signals from inflamed spinal nerves. Thus, they enhance function in your lower back. To get lasting results from these injections, it’s best to use them in combination with physical therapy and rehabilitation. 

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation 

A spinal cord stimulator has thin wires and a small battery pack. A pain specialist puts the wires between the vertebrae and the spinal cord. They place the generator below the skin near your abdomen. Patients can send the electrical impulses through a spinal cord stimulator using a remote control whenever they experience pain. It’s one of the most effective non-surgical pain treatment options for lower back pain that, by reducing pain, enhances the quality of life and sleep. It also minimizes your dependence on pain medications. 

  • Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is another non-surgical procedure to treat lower back nerve pain. This procedure works by removing the transmission of pain signals to your brain by destroying the nerve. Patients usually feel pain for two weeks after this procedure, mainly due to the after-effects of the nerve ablation. However, they soon return to their everyday routine only one to three days after radiofrequency ablation. This procedure provides uninterrupted pain relief for anywhere between nine months to two years. It is a fully safe method that patients can repeat whenever they experience pain again. 

  • Nerve Block

Nerve blocks act as an immediate solution to minimize pain. You can get them for both chronic and acute lower back pain. There are two kinds of nerve blocks, non-surgical and surgical. Non-surgical ones include spinal analgesia, in which the doctor puts an injection into the spinal cord fluid. Another one is the peripheral nerve blockade, in which the pain specialist administers an injection that numbs the pain-causing nerve. 

Surgical nerve blocks work by destroying particular nerve cells. Some of them include neurectomy, in which the doctor removes the whole or part of the peripheral nerve to block a particular pathway for signaling pain. In sympathetic blockade, the doctor uses a drug to obstruct the pain from the entire nervous system by permanently damaging the nerve. 

Lower Back Pain Treatment at Advanced Pain Care

Constant lower back pain should never be neglected. Treating it effectively helps you rule out the chances of other serious conditions and enables you to enjoy your life to the utmost. If you are searching for the best pain management dr near me in Texas, you can end your search at Advanced Pain Care. 

The advanced medical care center pain management center is staffed with teams of qualified pain specialists who treat chronic pain through a multi-modal approach. They classify your pain and carefully analyze the accompanying symptoms to give you a custom care plan that targets pain from the root. The doctors are highly skilled in carrying out a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures for back pain, like precision nerve injections, nerve block injections, spinal fusion, and disc replacement surgery. 

From your first contact till the end, the professionals at this center for advanced pain management will do their best to provide you with a caring environment and work towards enhancing the quality of your life. Advanced Pain Care is open in several locations in Texas. You can find Advanced Pain Care in Round Rock, Advanced Pain Care Georgetown Texas, and Advanced Pain Clinic Amarillo, Texas. To know more, visit or call 512-244-4272.

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