What is the best free GPS for Truckers?

GPS for Truckers

The road life is riddled with anxiety and unpredictability. Especially after spending all day behind the wheel of a multi-ton truck, you have no idea what might be lurking around the next bend on the road.

Finding the most efficient path is one of many parts of driving a truck that involves strategy. It addresses several aspects that cannot be predicted. Fortunately, truckers will no longer rely on tangible navigational aids like Garmin and Rand McNally. They can efficiently utilize GPS mobile apps, such as Route 4 Trucks.

Aside from that, we’ve selected some of the most helpful free GPS truck apps available, and they’re all available right here. Please make your own life easier by using them as well!


If you’re a truck driver, you need TruckMap. It’s the best free smartphone software, specifically for truck drivers. This is the only program that provides truck-optimized GPS routes for use with commercial trucks and turn-by-turn directions, diesel fuel, weigh stations, overnight parking, Walmart, and rest areas.

Drivers have the option of avoiding routes with low bridges and truck limitations. You will be assisted in locating various conveniences along the way. Drivers can search for approximately 14,000 facilities that offer a variety of stop choices like laundry, showers, and truck washes; in addition, there are 400,000 parking spots available for trucks.

Google Maps

Google Maps is still the best program available to help truck drivers, as it has maps for more than 2,000 nations. Through it, it is possible to trace the vast majority of establishments located all over the world.

In addition to finding the most efficient routes and up-to-date information on traffic and weather, truck drivers can also pinpoint the locations of the nearest rest stops and food outlets. 

So, are you having trouble connecting to the web? Do not fret. The truck drivers will be able to find their way more quickly and arrive at their destination in the lowest amount of time, thanks to the offline maps.

Road Lords

The application comes in two different variations: ROAD LORDS Dispatcher, which is designed to be used for the management of company fleets. 

In addition to its usual features, it is also capable of providing online planning and traffic management, displaying current toll pricing in a toll calculator, and facilitating efficient contact with drivers. 

The second component of the platform is called ROAD LORDS Driver, and it is a GPS navigation system that has been tailored to meet the needs of truck drivers. 

Assistance with parking, navigating and identifying potential dangers along the way. In addition, the possibility to download premium offline maps for freight transit throughout Europe, including Turkey and Russia, is included in the service.

Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps

Trucker Path is the leading truck-friendly navigation and trip-planning tool in the United States, expanding quickly. As a result, you can obtain everything a trucker needs in a single, free app.

Trucker Path is one of the most excellent trucker GPS apps available, and it was created specifically for drivers of commercial trucks. Among truckers, it is often regarded as a must-have item. 

The primary characteristics make it possible for a truck driver to locate a variety of amenities, including weigh stations, shopping malls, truck washing stations, gasoline stations, and more.

Inroute Planner

inRoute Planner is a routing program that allows you to either produce the best possible path for your deliveries or chart your route and then export both ways. As it plots out routes, it considers factors like altitude, weather, and turns.

Additionally, the software provides simple and secure turn-by-turn verbal instructions. It can perform automatic checks of your route to look for sudden changes in the weather.

This software is perfect for long trips that take a circuitous route and include stops along the way for eating and sleeping. 

It’s easy for the driver to plot out a course and indicate natural stops along the way—a beneficial tool for significant truck drivers when considering the weather, road curves, and elevation changes.

Pick the Best free Truck GPS App 

Providing your truck drivers access to the finest navigation app for trucks will make all the difference in the world. A variety of programs offer services that overlap with or supplement one another.

We’ve highlighted the most important details about the various truck GPS apps and covered some of the better ones. It is up to you to determine which of the available options will work best for your truck drivers. Safe travels!

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