Get Educational Tech Videos And Reviews On Smartphone With Khristian Flohr

Khristian Flohr

Are you planning to buy a smartphone? Do you go through the review and look for the specifications before buying it? It is obvious that everyone does and if you don’t do, we have a Khristian Flohr, the tech geek for you. Khristian Flohr is a tech geek who creates tech videos related to smartphones and even reviews different smartphones after properly using it. The videos that Khristian Flohr showcases in his YouTube channel will undoubtedly help you understand the product very easily and make a decision to pick the right model

Having the channel as the Youtube channel, Khristian Flohr and his team works test the durability of smartphones by doing drop tests. Not only this, but they also do several tutorials that are related to mobile phones and technology, which really helps people find the best solution around the product. UnlockRiver is originally a telecommunications company in the cell phone unlocking industry. Apart from creating educational tech videos and reviews, Khristian Flohr also does the unboxing, which is a great option for the people to know more about the smartphone even before they buy it.

The unboxing includes the complete details of the smartphone starting from the display, to the processor and from battery capability to the operating system. It also includes the showcasing of the inner feature of the smartphone and this will help the prospective customers or the users to know more about the product.

Not only this, to make the customers feel more comfortable in finding the best smartphone, Khristian Flohr also does a full comparison between the latest smartphones. Such comparison counts helpful for the customers to study about two different smartphones and pick the right choice. The comparison between two or more smartphones acts as a selection option for the customers to understand the actual technical features that he/she need to know.

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Besides, Khristian Flohr and his team also work on unlocking your phone. They unlock everything from Alcatel to ZTE and everything in between; iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, and many more. This is another work they do apart from reviewing and comparing the smartphones.

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So, if you are looking to purchase a new smartphone, then make sure that you get the full details about it at, where Khristian Flohr reviews covering up every minute details that can be of great help for the customers.