Finding the Right Crib Dresser Changing Table Set to Keep Your Baby Safe


A high-quality Crib Dresser Changing Table Set is the ideal bundle for any expecting family, whether you’re preparing from your little one on a budget, or carefully designing your nursery to be stylish and consistent. You will, of course, find bundles like this all across the internet since most nurseries are furnished quickly in preparation for their new owners. But quantity doesn’t always mean quality, especially when so many stores are veering to be the first to capture your attention. A smart consumer must always bear in mind the source of their products before they buy willy nilly, and when it comes to baby furniture, the key elements to look out for are durability, safety, product materials, and environmental impact.

If you’re going to spend money on furniture that will cradle the most precious cargo in your entire home, you want it to be perfect. That means a safe crib made of solid hardwood, with no dangerous moving parts or toxic chemicals in the finishes. Convertible cribs are the best economically speaking because they are made to grow alongside your child, transforming into a toddler bed and daybed – and sometimes even a full-sized bed! – as needed. Because they’re meant to last, convertible cribs are usually durably built, and many do come with companion dressers and changing stations to match the bed. You’ll find many a crib dresser changing table set at Kids N Cribs, who prioritize durability and quality in the products they sell and offer a wide range of options for various style preferences and budgets.

Kids N Cribs are also known for their eco-friendly furniture pieces and higher safety standards. They carry top tier brands such as Romina Furniture, DaVinci, and Baby Appleseed, many of which make their cribs and dressers in Europe. The European made furniture pieces, therefore, have to adhere to both international and American safety standards, which means they are doubly scrutinized to be the best for your baby. These companies carefully check their furniture for dangerous chemicals and only use non-toxic finishes. Furthermore, many of them use sustainably farmed wood for the hardwood bodies of their cribs and dressers. Baby Appleseed, in particular, has the campaign to plant ten new trees for every crib they sell! By buying nursery sets from brands like these you will not only ensure your baby’s safety and happiness in their earliest years, but you will also help to ensure the beautiful world we live in will be available to them in all its wonder as they grow older. You can protect your baby and your planet all at once!

Most of Kids N Cribs nursery sets include an attachable changing tray, which is mounted on the top of the dresser’s flat surface to turn it into a changing table. These trays typically come with a plush changing pad to cradle your baby during changes and are lined so that they will not scuff the dresser top. Once your child has outgrown the need for a changing station, you can detach the changing tray, and their dresser will remain beautiful and intact for lifetime usage. All of the 5-piece nursery sets available at Kids N Cribs include these changing tops, as does the Tivoli 6 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, Ravello 6 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, Rowen 4 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, Paloma 4 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, and the Mid-Century Modern Lifestyle 4 Piece Nursery Furniture Set, granting you a wealth of beautiful and charming options. If you do find a nursery set you like that, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a changing tray, there’s still a good chance you’ll be able to buy the tray separately and create your own crib dresser changing table set. Simply click over to the Baby Furniture Accessories tab of Kids N Cribs’ website and search either the set name or the brand name of your dream furniture, and voila!

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