The Alkaline Way: Tips for Reversing Metabolic Acidosis

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We live in a world where there are only two choices in life, its whether you do something about a situation or you don’t. and mostly, those who tend to fix whatever hole they are in tend to become stronger and better, learning from the mistakes of the past and incorporating them into better and more efficient elements in decision making. Moreover, wise choices lead to better ones, and so on and so forth, and when you are close to your goals.

Same goes for the body, and one of the problems that people experience is metabolic acidosis. It is a state where the body’s pH is in turmoil, having a level of 7.1 or lower, meaning the whole body is in trouble. There are different kinds and some are caused by diabetes, but the most common is caused by eating unhealthy food that leaves too many waste products in the body. According to,  the best way to reverse metabolic acidosis in the body are the following:

1. Hydrate always!

One of the keys of achieving a non-metabolic acidic state is to hydrate. Yes, water reverses metabolic acidosis. H20 actually neutralizes the acidity of your body, returning it to an alkaline state. The more you hydrate, the more it prevents metabolic acidosis from happening, and when push comes to shove, drinking water while experiencing the symptoms of metabolic acidosis will play a key role in reversing it.

2. Choose Food Wisely, Go Alkaline

Food plays a vital role in metabolic acidosis. The more unhealthy food that you take in, the more it turns into acid, causing your body to rise in pH levels. That is why as early as possible, it is time to reconsider your diet plan and eat more fruits and vegetables and choose meats that are low in producing acid. One thing is that you can also incorporate alkaline water in your diet to increase the alkalinity of your body, keeping it healthy and waste free.

3. Incorporate herbs

Herbs have been used in detoxifying the body for ages and it will also help reverse metabolic acidosis greatly. Herbs like garlic, turmeric, fenugreek seeks and other high alkaline plants detoxify the body and also do anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-cancer properties. Going alkaline also eliminates free radicals that cause cancer cells to develop.

4. Eat regularly, Don’t forget Breakfast!

Eating regularly and in healthy amounts can also reverse metabolic acidosis. A standard healthy meal 3 times a day and snacks in between helps your body in maintaining a good pH balance as long as the food that you eat are in healthy in portions and options.

5. Don’t sleep with an empty stomach

Lastly, going to bed after a hard day’s work sounds good only if you have eaten. Remember that the body is still active while you are sleeping and may produce acid while your body is recuperating. Always remember to take 2 glasses of water before sleeping just to neutralize the acid in your stomach.