Funny Carbs Quotes That Are Hilarious And Makes Your Day Better

Funny Carbs Quotes

The funny carbs quotes show the positive side of eating healthy carbs. Many think that carbs are the reason for weight gain. Some even accuse these carbs of heart diseases, obesity and other issues. Also, there is no doubt that junk food items are high in carbs. Still, carbs on the whole are not bad for you. 

Further, there are complex carbs that are healthy for the body. The nutritional value of these carbs is higher which keeps you healthy. If you are a fitness enthusiast you may have doubts about carbs. However, Funny carbs quotes can reduce the stress about them. Also, here are some of the interesting quotes that can make you feel light whenever including carbs. 

The Reasons Why You Do Not Have To Fear Carbs 

Do you fear carbs? Then the funny quotes can help you to know their importance. The fact that all carbs are not harmful can make you feel good about them. Here are a few reasons you need to know why carbs are not harmful. 

  1. Carbs can increase your insulin level which can result in hunger. Still, eating more carbs than a proper level can cause weight gain. If you take the complex carbs in the right quantity there is no need to fear them. Further, eating commercial products can ruin your carbs intake. You can take fruits and healthy carbs to balance nutrition. 
  2. From ancient days humans have had the habit of eating carbs. There is no need to stress over them as well-prepared carbs can make you healthy. Besides, the energy you receive from carbs is high which can make you feel active in a day. Also, root veggies, grains and pulses are important for your body. 
  3. Many say no to carbs without knowing their benefits. Fibre is a type of carb that is essential for the body. Further, soluble fibre is also a good source to manage weight. If you fear carbs then eat healthy parts of it such as fibre-rich foods. Soluble fibres such as oats and legumes are good for a healthy body. 
  4. Few people have gluten intolerance. Also, they do not take carbs as they think it ruins gut health. In reality, gut bacteria need carbs for energy. Furthermore, the bacteria in the gut break food and supply energy to the body. Also, for these bacteria to work you need to feed them the carbs. 

Funny Carb Quotes To Reduce Your Stress About Carbs 

‘When you are in doubt ingest some carbs’

‘I am saving my carbs for wine that what I call having priorities’

‘Carbs! When we first met I did not think that you would be so important to me’

‘Money can buy happiness as it can help to buy carbs that bring pure joy’

‘ I have cut sugar and carbs from my diet which also means that I have cut happiness’

‘I am now on a low-carb diet, whenever I feel low I eat the carbs’

‘Sundays are for carbs and a lot of them’

‘ Carbs! You are my better half and you complete me’

‘There is nothing such as the low carb’

‘Happiness is carbs’

‘Carbs you are my therapy and my therapist’

‘I want to quit carbs but I am not a Quitter’

‘You cannot make everyone happy unless you are carbs’

‘Does running out of carbs mean cardio?’

‘I burn calories each day by eating carbs’

‘Did someone just say carbs?’

‘I believe carbs’

‘I think carbs are my soul mate’

‘Maybe she is crazy or all she needs is just carbs’

‘True happiness is eating carbs and not gaining weight

‘The way to my heart is carbs’

‘Eat carb, exercise, and sleep, repeat’

‘Carbs is my best friend’

‘Maybe serial killers are ordinary people who are on low carb diets’

‘One does not simply say no to carbs’

‘Don’t blame the carbs for what you did

‘The lack of carbs can make you a bit crazy

‘The most harmful thing is saying no to carbs’

‘Is butter a carb?’

‘Carbs! You are not the boss of me’

‘Carbs are not the enemy’

‘A low-carb diet is a piece of cake’

‘Nobody has to know’

‘If loving carbs is wrong then I do not want to be right’

‘All I want is to eat carbs and shop’

‘Carbs a day keeps the doctor away’

‘Carbs are the girl’s best friend’

‘I cannot go to taco bell as I am on all carb diet’

‘Carbs, I say yes to you’


Do you fear carbs? Then you should read the funny carbs quotes to lighten the mood. These hilarious quotes about carbs are the best way to start your day. Also, these quotes remind you that carbs are important nutrients for the body and health. 

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