5 Best Micro ATX Cases: Shopper’s Guide and Recommendations

Micro ATX Cases

Micro ATX cases are becoming more and more popular among gamers who are looking to build a compact gaming PC. If you are look to buy one then we suggest you to read this article to the end. We have mentioned the best cases as well as things you should consider before purchasing one.

MATX cases achieve an ideal mix between size and features, and they usually offer plenty of space for powerful hardware. As people want to shrink their PC setups, these cases have become more popular. A smaller case equals a smaller footprint, which is ideal for people who have limited desk or entertainment center space. And, with the right parts, you can still build a fast gaming PC.

Micro ATX Cases

Why Should You Consider Micro ATX Cases?

One of the most appealing parts of building your own computer is the ability to customize it to your precise needs. If you want to build a strong gaming setup, you can select high-end components. nd load them into a huge tower box. Or you can get Micro ATX cases and tailor your configuration in a much portable and compact form factor. 

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying M-ATX Cases

One of the most key choices you’ll have to make when designing a gaming PC is selecting the right case. The case is the basis of your design and must be capable of storing all of your components while also keeping them cool. Therefore, you will have to consider the following:

Building Difficulty

If you’re new to building computers or are simply rusty, then you should look for a case that is much easier to build in so that you can get your new computer up and running as soon as possible.

Desk Space

Because your case is basically the shell of your system, you should always think how much desk space it will take up. Consider a thinner choice or an alternate case placement if you have a small desk or multiple displays.

Expansion Support

Depending on which type of graphics card you choose, it may require two or more slots. Or you may need more expansion cards. Hence, always check whether the case has these expansion options.


Because smaller form factor setups don’t usually create as much heat as larger ones, airflow may look to be less important in a smaller case. We cannot express how essential it is to keep your parts cool in order to get the maximum performance and durability out of your components.

Storage Option

If you want to use your case for a long period of time, then you should always consider storage spaces and ease of upgrade. Storage space is limited, so having a little extra for backups is usually a good idea. That is why, it is important to select a case with lots of hard drive storage.

Graphics Card Support

Small form factor cases almost never allow for more than half-height graphics cards. And most recent cards are very big and chunky. You will need to see which GPU is required for your work or gaming and check if there are any low profile version of it is available in the market.

Ports Availability

If you use USB flash drive on a day to day basis then you need to make sure that the case has frontal USB ports. Otherwise you will have to reach to the back every time you want to plug the drive in. Similarly, check for audio I/O ports as well.


It is important to choose a case that comes with a warranty. Shipping companies aren’t exactly worried with your well-being. And oftentimes the deeper damage isn’t visible for a long time. 

5 Best Micro ATX Cases

There are hundreds of M-ATX cases available in the market from different brands and choosing one to buy is a very difficult task. We have carefully picked 5 best cases that provide all the needs and do not many drawbacks to it. Nevertheless whichever you choose, simply keep our advice in mind and find the case that best suits your personal tastes. 

Phanteks Eclipse G360A

The Eclipse G360A is no exception to Phanteks’ track record of offering value and performance in their cases. At $100 you get RGB fans and support for bigger 360 radiators on the front and the top. PWM is used by all three fans in the case to improve efficiency, noise output, and control. 

Phanteks Eclipse G360A

Despite some design flaws, the Eclipse G360A is a great case for budget-conscious gamers. Even if money isn’t an issue, it’s nice to have proper air circulation and stunning RGB without spending a lot of money.

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact 

Fractal Design’s Meshify 2 Compact provides an ideal base for simple ATX gaming systems, as well as a durable chassis. It does not try to be quirky. Instead giving the customer with a classy chassis that will look great for a long time. 

And, while the quality of its materials may be questioned, this is a case where you pay for its exceptional design, not just in appearance but also in functionality. It features plenty of cable management space, is sensibly laid up, and has easy-access filters, making it a delight to use and maintain as your daily driver.

NZXT H7 Flow

The NZXT H7 Flow is able to achieve good temperature and noise level ratings. By using only two of the company’s F120Q Airflow case fans behind a skeletal frame with a perforated front panel. Beating or competing well against pricier chassis with more fans and glass panels.

NZXT H7 Flow

It’s also a joy to build in, with fantastic cable management and a $130 MSRP that’s fairly affordable in this day of seemingly endless price increases. The main missing element here, which will be appreciated by many builders, is the lack of any RGB lighting to illuminate your system.

Cooler Master HAF 700 Evo

Cooler Master’s HAF 700 Evo has many unique characteristics. a front-lit RGB glass grille with a circular LCD display an infinite mirror to hide unwanted internal details while highlighting your beautiful components, and five front USB ports.

There’s also space for up to 12 drives and EATX server-class motherboards, as well as the largest graphics cards and cooling. The HAF 700 Evo’s primary drawbacks are its $500-plus price. And the fact that it weighs more than 50 pounds empty. As well as the dust filter which is located behind the front panel and is difficult to remove.

Corsair Obsidian Series 4000X RGB

Corsair’s 4000X RGB gaming tower features two glass panels and three RGB spinners. It’s not cheap, at around $135 right now, but its design is well thought out. The 4000X RGB chassis is very simple and convenient to assemble a system in, and it all just makes sense. 

While it lacks premium materials like aluminum, the dark tinted glass assures that you only see RGB lighting within the case. Add in Corsair’s industry-leading RGB environment, and you’ve got a very nice case that’s easy to use. And always looks fantastic, no matter what you put inside it.


Making a choice won’t be simple because there are so many Micro ATX cases on the market. Therefore we have dedicated this article to explain all the things that should be needed to consider while buying one. And some of the best M-ATX cases with their pros and cons so that you can make a better decision when you go to one for yourself.

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