Take A Look At The Secretive Life Of Jyoti Mehta: Where Is Harshad Mehta’s Wife Now?

Harshad Mehta Wife

Harshad Mehta was etched forever in people’s minds because of one of the biggest Indian securities scams in 1992. Especially after the web series, Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story that came out recently, we learned a lot about his life and family. However, today, we will discuss some of the unknown aspects of Harshad Mehta wife, Jyoti Mehta

So would you like to know more about the mysterious life of this woman? Let us read through some of the exciting aspects of her life.

A Short Bio On Jyoti Mehta

Needless to say, that executing such a “perfect” scam is never possible for anyone alone. So it was very apparent that Harshad Mehta wife was his partner in crime. Moreover, she had backed him up completely that had allowed him to continue his ways for years. So if you are wondering where the mysterious lady is right now, we will discuss everything right here.

When Did Jyoti Mehta Meet Her Husband?

Both Jyoti and Harshad had met each other at a young age and eventually married each other. Therefore, you can well understand that she was constantly by her husband Harshad Mehta’s side when he began his job in sales. Later on, he became a stockbroker after doing odd jobs in different sectors. 

Jyoti Mehta was just a homemaker at that time. However, after her husband’s arrest by the CBI in 1992, she took charge of everything. As you know, her son was relatively young at that time. Therefore, she had to manage everything. 

However, her situation did not improve much; she lost Harshad Mehta nine years after a sudden heart attack. At this time, he was under criminal custody in Thane prison. As per sources, after this incident, Jyoti moved in with her in-laws.

How Did Jyoti Mehta Manage After Her Husband’s Death?

Well, after Harshad Mehta’s death, life created a lot of hurdles in front of Jyoti. First, she had to fight a series of legal battles to attain her husband’s money. Do you know how long this legal battle continued? Well, it continued for 27 years. 

As per the reports, the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal scrapped almost the entire tax demand. In fact, this tax was levied on Jyoti’s husband and herself, and the other family members. The amount was around 2000 crore.

At the same time, Harshad Mehta wife also won a case against Federal Bank and stockbroker Kishore Janani. As per reports, he owed around six crores to Harshad. Since she was his sole beneficiary, she received the entire amount with 18% interest. 

Where Is She Presently Residing?

As you know, since the scam Jyoti Mehta and her family had to undergo a lot of humiliation. According to some sources, Jyoti Mehta and her son Atur presently live in the United States of America. They want to start afresh and get away from all kinds of scrutiny and interference. 

However, none of this is confirmed by either Jyoti or her son Atur Mehta. So it can also be a rumor at this point. Since she is not active on any social media platforms, we do not know much about her life. At the same time, she refuses to make any public appearances or talk in any interviews. 

Summing it Up

So you can very well understand that Harshad Mehta wife, Jyoti Mehta doesn’t want to dig into that section of her life anymore. She wants to live her life peacefully away from all the limelight and the prying eyes of inquisitive people.