How Much Is Norwegian Businessman’s Bernt Bodal’s Worth?

Bernt Bodal Net Worth

Bernt Bodal is a Norwegian-American businessman. He is popular as the ex-CEO of American Seafoods. Since he was one main reason for this company’s growth, he became popular. Additionally, the man was famous for his works in the music field. Bernt was a musician in the ‘Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.’

Read through the article to know about Bernt Bodal’s net worth. You will get additional information like his early life, career, and other facts too.

Bernt’s Interest In Music:

Norway is the birthplace of this businessman, Bernt. But he grew up in a small place near Oslo. Since he was a teen, he wanted to explore a lot in music. Thus, he joined the band finally to crack some albums like Roger Daltry, Sammy Hager, etc.

However, Bernt couldn’t succeed in his music career, as he moved to another job later. He worked as a fisherman in a fish processing company.

Bernt Bodal

Relationship Status:

In 1978, Bodal married Elisabeth Bodal for the first time. With her, he has three kids namely Ellen, Thomas, and Alexander Olav Bodal. But this love life didn’t last long, as the man started dating Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Even, he married her and lived with her for two decades. In 2017, Elizabeth appealed to the court for a divorce from Bernt. She wanted to get rid of him, as he was cheating on her. Finally, they got a divorce in July 2020.

As of now, Bernt is in a relationship with Michelle Fox, a Senior Vice President at Sentry Health.

Relationship Status

The American Seafoods:

Bernt had an interest in music before entering the marketing field. In 1999, he turned his path and bought a new company named ‘The American Seafoods.’ 

The uppermost leaders of the American Seafoods are

  • Mikel Durham (CEO)
  • Kevin McMenimen (CFO)
  • Margery Schelling (Executive Vice President of Marketing, Strategy, & Innovation)
  • Scott McNair (Executive Vice President of Business Development)
  • Inge Andreassen (President)

In America, this company is one of the largest seafood companies. Its headquarters is in Seattle, Washington. As per the report, the company’s annual revenues are over $600 million. And the noteworthy thing is that Bernt is one of the major shareholders in it.

Bernt plays an important role in developing the fishing cooperatives in both Alaska and US Pacific hake fisheries. This is the main reason for the company to grow drastically within a short span.

Bernt Bodal Net Worth:

Bernt has initially worked with several musicians such as Roger Daltry, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, etc. After shifting to the US, his dream has gone and he entered the fishing industry.

But still, he succeeded in his career as the CEO of American Seafoods. As of 2021, Bernt Bodal’s net worth is around $200 million. 

Bernt’s net worth may be higher than this but he lost some of them due to his divorce. He had a big mansion worth $11.9 million. But he sold out this house later for just $8.5 million.


Though Bernt earned much fortune, he lost some of them after his divorce. He retired from the American Seafoods voluntarily in 2017. 

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