Teresa Fidalgo – Everything Decoding The Fake Ghost Story

Teresa Fidalgo

Teresa Fidalgo is the name that a lot of people know as a fictional character in a Portuguese movie. The video clip of that movie has gone viral in the country. So, according to the sources, there’s a viral story about Teresa. So, as per the story, Teresa left this mortal world in the year 1983, in Sentra, Portugal in a brutal car accident. 

Thereafter, the story suggests that she scares people by sending them messages on WhatsApp, email, Instagram, and Facebook. So, as we mentioned earlier, someone made the clip viral in Portugal in 2003. 

However, later on, people came to realize that it was a part of a horror movie. But it’s also true that some people believe that the story is real. It’s because the accident took place in the same area in 1983. If you want to know more about Teresa Fidalgo, then go through this article and find out everything that you need to know. 

Real Name Teresa Fidalgo
Nickname N/A
Net Worth N/A
Date of Birth 1984
Age 25 Years Old 
Birthplace N/A
Current Residence N/A
Nationality Portuguese
Profession N/A
Martial Status Not Known
Boyfriend  / Affairs Not Known
Religion Christianity 
Zodiac sign Not Clear

About The Viral Story Of Teresa

According to the 2003 Teresa Fidalgo viral story, three friends were passing by a secluded area in a car at night. So, those friends were discussing ghosts and spirits. Suddenly, they saw an attractive woman in a white gown standing on one side of the road. Naturally, they decided to provide her with a lift and stopped their car in front of that woman in the white. So, they asked her about her whereabouts and what she was doing so late at night in that area in the first place. 

The girl pointed at the destination and sat in the car. So, the boys were once again gossiping. Well, suddenly, the girl pointed to a place and said that an accident took place in that area where she lost her life. Well, as the boys turned their faces towards the girl, her face was soaked in fresh blood and the car crashed. 

So, of course, the whole story of Teresa Fidalgo is a bit scary for a lot of people. People made this story viral in 2003 and a lot of social media platforms and other places shared the story with their friends and family. 

About The Viral Story Of Teresa
Credit: HITC

The Viral Message On Social Media Handles

So, as we know already, due to some reason, people are receiving a video clip of Teresa Fidalgo. In fact, just after the clip, they are also receiving a message on their social media handles, like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Email. 

So, the message states that it’s Teresa Fidalgo, the girl who left the world in 2003. The message also instructs people to share it with 20 people and if they ignore it, something bad will occur. In addition, she might even sleep by their side forever. Moreover, the eerie message also states that once a girl ignored this message and she had to face the death of her mother. 

A lot of people forwarded this message out of sheer fear. Of course, there were also a few people who claimed that after receiving the text, they felt negative energy around them. It was as if, they felt a weight on their body.

The Reality of Teresa Fidalgo

Now, it’s worth noting that Teresa Fidalgo is not actually a ghost. Rather, she is a fictional character in a Portuguese short movie ‘A Curva’. So, it means that the clip wasn’t fake but the viral story was in fact fake. The clip was actually from that movie. As per the sources, it was David Rebardao who directed the film. On the other hand, Sara Cipriano played the role of Teresa in that short film.

The Reality of Teresa Fidalgo
Credit: Publimetro

Some Trivia Worth Noting

  • Few people believe that the viral story is real because there was in fact an accident in 1983, where two people lost their lives, including a young girl. 
  • There was a survivor in that accident whose name was David.
  • Teresa Fidalgo‘s story is still suspenseful. There’s no way to know whether it’s real or fake.

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