Uses of Physiotherapy Outside of Rehabilitation

Sports physiotherapy in Sydney

When people hear the word physiotherapy, I am sure that their mind jumps to those who have been in terrible accidents and are using physiotherapy in order to restore their ability to move easily. However, there are many other advantages of physiotherapy that most people do not know about. 

A physiotherapist can help anyone from a person with a sore neck, to someone needing rail workers safety medicals.

It can be for many different reasons, from the prevention of injury to the elimination of pain to helping improve things like your balance. Sports physiotherapy in Sydney is also gaining popularity these days. Here, we are going to see many of the various ways in which you can use physiotherapy.

1. Prevention of Injury:

Obviously, with sports like rugby and soccer being popular in Australia, several injuries require physiotherapy to heal. However, it is possible to prevent these injuries from even happening through the use of physiotherapy. One can strengthen their underused muscles and, in doing so, can reduce the risks of getting injured. There are many centres for sports physiotherapy in Sydney where such treatment can be found. 

2. Reduce or Eliminate Pain:

Whenever people get a disease like arthritis or RSI, it is hard to deal with the pain that comes with it. However, with the help of physiotherapists, it is possible to manage the pain through various means. 

For example, they may supply you with resting splints to help keep your joints at rest so that they may heal. They could also offer to massage or apply acupuncture on your joints, as they are generally trained in these areas. They will also explain how to exercise your joints so that they do not inflame.

3. Improve Your Balance:

This may be a surprising one, but if you are facing balance issues, it may be possible to treat with physiotherapy. It is treatable because symptoms like vertigo and dizziness can be caused due to problems with the vestibular system. 

With the help of physiotherapy, it is possible to treat the body system’s issues and restore proper function by stimulating defective sensors in the system. They can also do this by mimicking real-life situations to challenge your balance. With these exercises, you can also improve your coordination, thus reducing your risk of falling.

4. Manage Age-related Illnesses: 

As one grows older, they are bound to face many illnesses that can reduce their quality of life. With the help of physiotherapy, you can strengthen your bones by preventing bone thinning and reducing fall risks. Through physiotherapy, it is also possible to increase blood flow and improve flexibility and core strength, helping reduce the risk of heart disease. 

5. Managing Diabetes:

Physiotherapists can be very useful when trying to help patients manage their blood sugar levels. They will generally advise on how to reduce your body fat and improve your body’s ability to process glucose. However, these are not the only ways in which they will help. 

Physiotherapists also help patients manage the visual and sensory changes they endure due to change in blood circulation. In cases where people get a dropped foot, physiotherapists become even more helpful in assessing the need for a foot splint and exercise.

6. Mobility:

Loss of mobility is something that can quite negatively affect one’s quality of life. So it is vital to maintain that ability. Physiotherapy is an excellent way of doing so. As long as a therapist recommends it, this can be done for anyone, even those using canes or crutches to walk. 

They generally involve exercising a specific part of your body or training that strengthens your whole body, such as swimming or walking. By practicing these exercises, you improve your future quality of life and reduce your risk of injury. 


As you can see, contrary to what most people would think, physiotherapy isn’t merely used on those who need help regaining their mobility after an injury. A wide range of people can use it. From those who want to use it as a preventative means to those who want to help manage their own issues like diabetes or osteoporosis. Physiotherapy has a wide range of uses, and its benefits should be made well-known to people.

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