Exquisitely Designed Contemporary Chandeliers for All Modern Homes in Big Cities

Exquisitely Designed Contemporary Chandeliers for All Modern Homes in Big Cities

Over the years, residences in big cities of the US, and practically all over the world are installing contemporary designed chandeliers to give their interiors a new meaning. It is because one such lighting product or fixture installation is far more affordable than performing an extensive remodel for enhancing the appeal. If style addition is your only priority, then definitely go for a modern crystal chandelier that can easily enhance the vibe of any home interior.

A company called “Sofary” based out of Seattle WA, supplies or ships such modern chandeliers all over the US, and in Canada, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and South Korea. They stock an extensive collection of designer chandeliers for bedrooms, dining rooms, foyer, staircases and living rooms. You can choose from crystal ring chandeliers to glass globes, round modern, spiral, multi-tiered, one ring, sphere, square framed and stylish rectangular chandeliers.

A Modern Chandelier Increases the Aesthetic Appeal of a Living Space

In fact, this is a cost-efficient way to improve upon the aesthetics and style of a living area, without having to go for an extensive space modification or home improvement. Anything around $300-$500 USD is enough to give your bland looking interior that glittering, sparkling, dazzling and stylish new appeal for years to come. What’s more, one such designer lighting product is easy to install, as you get an installation manual in the pack.

So, if you’re seriously considering an aesthetic improvement or luxury addition to your home interiors, a modern chandelier can be a great idea to create that welcoming feel for all your guests, friends and colleagues that visit your place for the first time.

An Amazing Collection of Contemporary Chandeliers in Stunning New Designs

When you visit the official website of one such international lighting products supplier, you’re literally stunned to see such a humongous collection of crystal chandeliers in eye-catching designs. Be it their modern rectangular crystal linear chandelier or the ever popular contemporary round chandelier, you get to view all at one such exclusive online showroom. Simply choose your product, and order it online. You get the delivery within 5-6 days of ordering the product.

Then, you can choose from black drum shaped crystal chandelier, round glass shade chandelier, pine cone shaped, five & seven tiered, 3D glass, round linear crystal, rustic vintage pendant style or round base bubble glass chandelier. These were just a few of them. There are a plethora of new, unique and contemporary designs, as you’re literally confused as to which one to pick, and which to leave out.

Designer Crystal Chandeliers for Every Living Space & Room

Whether it is your cozy bedroom, interconnected living area with the kitchen & dining space, the foyer or the study, there’s a chandelier in every design, shape, size & dimension that perfectly blends with the ambiance. If you’re looking for a round chandelier over your round dining table or a flat rectangular one over the same shaped kitchen island, there’s a lighting product in every shape & size. Of late, crystal ring chandeliers in multi-ring choices are hugely popular among city homeowners that always prefer something unique and different from the crowd. This is what makes these modern pieces of art in glass, chrome, crystals and metal so exquisite in design. Today, bespoke crystal chandeliers have become integral to the interior design aspect of every dwelling space.

Choose from Hallway & Foyer Chandeliers to Kitchen Island Chandeliers

As a matter of fact, these are some of the common areas in a house that go for installing chandeliers or designer pendant lamp shades to give the interiors a whole new meaning. And, when it is a contemporary crystal chandelier fitted on the ceiling of your staircase, foyer, kitchen or living room, the entire space gets a much needed glitter, sparkle and shine, which was till now lacking. Therefore, it is no wonder why a majority of city homes in the US are now going ahead fitting such truly stunning pieces of artwork in crystals & glass.

Chandeliers for All Modern Homes

Bespoke Chandeliers with Minimalist Design and Retro Style

Almost all old fashioned homes around the world are now installing such smart crystal lighting products in their interiors, in order to look stylish, grand and elegant. You can choose traditional/conventional chandeliers, to the most unique designed ones that best fits and blends with the overall home decor. Therefore, these high quality luxury lighting products are proving to be cost-effective home decor enhancers, without actually interfering with the structural integrity, fittings and other existing fixtures in a house.

Some Best-Selling Chandelier Options

There are so many different design variations that you’re literally amazed to see the options. So, why not check out some of the most popular chandelier designs that help create a soothing vibe for your interior space.

  • Luxury solar system spiral raindrop chandelier
  • Round modern rustic crystal chandelier
  • Three ring crystal pendant chandelier
  • Rectangular raindrop crystal chandelier
  • Rectangular raindrop crystal pendant lighting
  • 4 light candle style drum crystal chandelier
  • Luxury brass/copper crystal chandelier
  • Rectangular gold frame crystal chandelier
  • Dark bronze orb chandelier
  • Three rings gold LED chandelier, and lots more.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seriously considering buying a modern crystal-infused chandelier with Candelabra LED lamps in pendant or raindrop style, always look for one on a registered company website that sells them all. And, one such reputed name is “Sofary” that has established a trust factor in the minds of customers that look for such exquisite crystal lighting products for homes and stores that help enhance the overall aesthetic beauty of any dwelling area. So, why not choose from an extensive range of contemporary designed chandeliers that can easily redefine the ‘welcoming’ feel for any decent abode. This is how a majority of homes in the US & Canada  are gearing up for this Christmas and New Year, when guests would be arriving and thus get impressed by the sheer magnificence and opulence brought about by these crystal chandeliers.

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