Famous Places in Kasol: Explore This Small Hippie Town

Famous Places in Kasol

As a matter of fact, mountains are among the top tourist attractions all around the world. When it comes to India, Himachal Pradesh is one of the best mountainous regions to visit. In fact, this Indian state witnesses thousands of tourists every year. Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular places for tourist activities. Apart from hosting tourists, this small hippie town on the lap of the Himalayas is also significant for trekkers. If you are out for the Kheerganga and Malana treks, then this small town will be an important base for you. Here are some Famous Places in Kasol you must explore!

Kasol greets us with a wide variety of adventures and beauty. In fact, it is among the most beautiful places in India. With the mountain peaks peaking at you from the distance, along with some picturesque green hills, the place is sure to blow your mind out. Therefore, if you are planning a visit to this beautiful location, you must know about the best places to visit in and around this small town. So, here is a list of some of the most wonderful locations which you must visit on your trip to Kasol. 

Famous Places in Kasol

There are many tourist spots in and around Kasol and all are beautiful in their own right. However, we have curated a list of some of the must-visit places in the town. Check out the list below:

  • Nature Park Kasol 

Nature is the ultimate healer. Especially, when you are visiting Kasol, nature will greet you with some of its breathtaking scenes. Nature Park is a very serene and calm place for you to visit. Filled with high-rising trees and worn-out rocks, this place has everything to be one of the most romantic places in India. Therefore, be sure to give this place a visit.

Explore This Small Hippie Town

  • Parvati River

The fast-flowing mountainous rivers are absolute treats to our eyes. Dotted with rocky boulders, the river Parvati adds a magical charm to the small town. Though you will not get to experience adventurous activities on this river, the place is one of the most picturesque ones in and around the town. If you are in Kasol, you must pay a visit to this beautiful river. 

  • Mall Road

In any Indian mountainous town, Mall Roads are the most popular places. Kasol also shows no exception to this trend in general. Surrounded by lush green hills, a walk or drive through this road will surely entice you. There are a number of good cafes on the Mall Road, where you can have some really delicious food accompanied by music. 

Parvati River

  • Tosh Waterfall

Tosh Waterfall in Kasol offers you one of the most relaxing and satisfactory sights in the town. The view is breathtaking and picturesque. You will also be able to engage in adventure sports and hiking in the vicinity of this waterfall. Moreover, the place also allows camping.

  • Tirthan Valley

This is a place which requires a short drive from the main town. For all mountain lovers, this is the place to visit. Removed from the din and bustle of the town, the place presents you with one of the most striking scenic beauties in the town. This is definitely the place where you will feel the mountains on your nerves!

Mall Road

  • Chahal Village 

If you love trekking and adventure, then this is the perfect place in Kasol for you. This village has mostly Israeli population and is strikingly breathtaking. Therefore, be ready to get lost amidst some of the most inviting scenes in this village.


1. Where is Kasol located?

Kasol is one of the most picturesque places in Himachal Pradesh.

2. What is the perfect time to visit this place?

March to June is the most ideal time to visit Kasol. 

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