Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Moving Companies

Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Moving Companies

People move and hire an Austin moving company for a variety of reasons. According to a U.S. Census Bureau survey, 48% of Americans move because of housing reasons, and 30% move due to family. Another 19% move because of jobs and 2% round it out for miscellaneous reasons.

No matter where they move, people have to figure out how to get their belongings to their new residence. When you’re dealing with moving all of your possessions to a new location it’s important to take choosing moving companies carefully. 

Let’s dive into the top seven factors you should consider when choosing a moving company


Price is usually one of the biggest factors people consider when choosing a moving company. You should start by setting a budget to help avoid overspending. This budget should be an amount with which you are comfortable when considering your current financial situation. 

You can then start comparing mover fees and services available between different companies within your price range. Start with about three companies to compare. Their rates should be transparent at this stage.

Once you narrow your search down, you should get the final estimate in writing. Make sure the company knows about any special details or extra services you’ll need. That way they can include it in the bid.

You should also ask about payment. What methods do they accept, is a deposit required, how do refunds work if needed? Your mover should be able to provide this information. If they don’t or are impatient about it, it’s a red flag to avoid them.


You should also consider the services that are available with your moving company options. You need to be able to choose one that will work for you.

Many companies offer customized services or even full-service moving. Consider if you will need custom-made or sized crates or boxes, special help handling big furniture, or assistance packing appliances.

Experience, Competency, and Reliability

After you’ve narrowed down companies by price and services, you should consider their experience, competency, and reliability. The moving company will be responsible for moving your entire life, including all of your valuables and other possessions.

Find out how long they have been around. A long history of experience and industry knowledge will help you build trust. Plus, you’ll worry less knowing they can handle and small details that come up along the way.

Licenses and Insurance

License and insurance requirements help ensure the moving company will follow through on their services and that they are not a scam. The moving company you choose should be licensed and bonded and fully insured.

A licensed moving company follows the law and will deliver services to meet your needs. Check that the company is licensed in your state. At this stage, also check that they have a legitimate business address, which helps prove their authenticity as a moving service

Insurance helps financially protect you from the loss of your belongings in case of damage or theft. You may also want to consider adding additional insurance if you want full protection for all of your belongings.


Checking a moving company’s reputation is a great way to make sure you are getting the best service possible. Be sure to choose a company that has good reviews all around. You can start by checking their ratings from the Better Business Bureau. 

In addition, look at online customer reviews. Pay attention to their customer service history, any complaints, and ratings that are viewable. You may also want to look for reviews that discuss how they handled unique requests or unexpected incidents.

Another way to learn about a company’s reputation is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. For example, if someone you know had a great experience with Road Haugs Moving & Storage, you can feel better choosing them as your moving company.

Ease to Work With

When you’re moving, you’re dealing with the payment and services side of the company. But, you also have to deal with the movers personally. 

Pay attention to the experience people had with the company when you read reviews. Are they positive and friendly? Do they have a good attitude? Moving from one location to another is already a stressful situation, so dealing with an unpleasant company is not something you want to add on top of this. These factors will make it much more pleasant to work with your moving company and will make your move easier. 

Choosing Moving Companies When Moving to Other States

If you are moving to another state, it is important to consider additional credentials and experience. You’re most likely dealing with a long distance and possibly special considerations.

Your moving company should be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You may be able to check for the license on the company’s website. Otherwise, a salesperson should be able to help you check for this documentation.

In addition, the moving company should have a good amount of experience moving across states. If the company has exclusively done short distances in the past, you may not want to be the first customer who challenges them with a larger task. The extra distance means more care is needed and they may need to take extra precautions that they should be prepared for.

Choose the Best Moving Company for You

It’s very important to consider these seven factors when choosing moving companies. This will help you have a good experience moving and will make the whole process a lot easier. 

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