The Best 5 Places In Russia To Visit With Your Future Wife

Places In Russia

This article portrays a few romantic spots in Russia, where it will be fascinating to visit for two. The abandoned mountain tops or lovely pools of Seliger islands or comfortable patios and sentimental housetops of St. Petersburgpick a plan as you would prefer and design your experience.

St. Petersburg

Russia’s northern capital is the best city for a date. Most of the single russian ladies love this city. Start with a visit to Garson’s French baked good shop on Nevsky (it is placed close to Moskovsky Station) and have tea with a chocolate and pear pie. After some food and absorb the St. Petersburg mood. Go into the curves, investigate the yards.

After the principal jump, you can go to the customary program. The rock railings of the Neva, the sparkling Hermitage, the fascinating Mikhailovsky Gardenthese places are perfect even if you visit them not for the first time. Try not to miss the porch of the New Hermitage with fivemeter high figures of atlantes. They state that on the off chance that you contact the thumb of the second Atlantean’s left foot from the Field of Marsfamily joy is ensured.


The Valaam archipelago on Lake Ladoga comprises many incredibly lovely islands, on which the SpasoPreobrazhensky Monastery is found. It is difficult to state precisely when the religious community showed up on Valaam: either at the hour of Russia’s absolution or later, in the fourteenth century. In any case, from that point forward Valaam has been well known as a spot where the priests retreat to shield themselves from the rushing about of the world under the insurance of Ladoga.

Not just the standard are looking for profound refinement on the Valaam. Yet, additionally, the adherents of various religions and even recondite patterns come here, and the late spring on Valaam is the time of mass journey. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are searching for quietness and mysterious experience for two, in particular, it’s smarter to split away from the trip and investigate the islands without anyone else.


A rather daring excursion for those who are fond of naturewith tents to Seliger. A convenienthousefor two under enormous pine trees, clear water, sandy seashore, popping fire and quiet sounds of the woodlandin such climate discussions become earnest and hugshot. In summer the Seliger can be somewhat boisterous, particularly close to the traveler camps and lodgings, yet there are still some abandoned spots. Look for isolation better with a guide close by the farther from the towns and streets, the better opportunities to rest discreetly.

In any case, the genuine scope of waterwith a boat or kayak. Seliger comprises a bunch of inward lakes, inlets, islands, channels and waterways, on which you can leave on an undeniable water venture. Another thought is to get to one of the Seliger islands by boat: no vehicle will go there.

Lake Elton

At the point when you see Lake Elton unexpectedly, you need to press your eyes shut and check whether the hallucination disseminates. The huge lake reflects mirrors the quick running mists. One stage forward, and you stroll through the brilliant blue smooth surface like in fantasy: the lake’s profundity is lower leg profound, and just in the spring it arrives at 80 cm. Salt streams and mineral springs take around Elton. However, it doesn’t have a channel, so there’s the saline solution rather than water.

In late April or early May, one can get the splendid red wild tulips sprouting on the neighborhood shores. The ideal approach to get to the lake is via train (to the station Elton) or vehicle or transport from Volgograd. You can lease a room or a house in Elton’s town or remain in a sanatorium, where sulfide mud and saltwater have been treated since tsarist occasions.

Mount Elbrus

You can’t think about a more romantic spot to visit than a mountain top. The view for some kilometers around, the spectacular sky, which can be found only in the mountains, the total quietness and the inclination that you are distant from everyone else in the entire world. What’s more, on the off chance that this is Elbrus itselfthe most elevated point in Europethe cost of expressed at the height admissions increments thousandfold.

The ideal season for climbing Elbrus is from June to September. However, you ought to get ready ahead of time. As a rule, you need to go through from multiweek to 10 days on the rising itself. The primary half is a climb in the encompassing region to get into a mood and permit the body to adjust to the height. At that point, there are a few climbs on Mount Elbrus and the move to the esteemed 5,642 meters as the summit. Elbrus is a genuine mountain, on the off chance that you don’t know of your proficiency, it is smarter to ascend along with experts.

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