Did Anyone Win the Powerball? Netizen Goes Crazy Over The $2.04 Billion Powerball Winner Who Still Hasn’t Claimed The Prize

Did Anyone Win the Powerball

Did anyone win the Powerball? At least this is the question that internet users have been asking after a $2.04 billion Powerball cash prize hasn’t been claimed yet. So, it seems that there’s one single winner of this cash prize who has yet to claim the prize from last year. In fact, reports tell us that the winner has one year from the November drawing to claim the prize, as per California state law. 

While it’s true that someone from California has won a huge cash prize with their name in it, their identity has remained a mystery so far. Therefore, people have been asking, “Did anyone win the Powerball?”. However, as we already mentioned, there’s a winner of this cash prize, just that they haven’t yet received the money. While their identity remains a mystery at the moment, one should note that they have a limited time to claim the 2.04 billion US cash prize.

In November, one lucky person had drawn a ticket in Altadena Calif., and as their luck would have it, they correctly matched all six numbers to win the Powerball Jackpot, which is a record 2.04 billion US cash prize. So, according to California state law, they have only one year to claim the cash prize. 

The Mysterious Person Hasn’t Claimed The Prize Money Yet

The Mysterious Person Hasn’t Claimed The Prize Money Yet

So, there are a lot of people who have been asking, “Did anyone win the Powerball?”. Well, the answer is obvious, yes, someone has won a whopping 2.04 billion US dollars. However, there are no details regarding their identity. Well, it’s true that that person was able to correctly guess the six Powerball numbers, 10, 33, 41, 47, 56, and 10. 

However, the winner has to hurry because they won’t be able to claim it. According to Carolyn Becker, one of the Californian Lottery spokespersons, the California Lottery doesn’t announce or even publicly acknowledge whenever someone comes forward to claim the prize money. 

She said, “Our big winners and their prize claim packets go through a rigorous vetting process by our security and law enforcement team. Moreover, she further said, “That process can take weeks, or depending on the circumstances  – sometimes months, and we don’t declare anyone a winner until that review period is complete. This process is designed to ensure the legitimacy of the win.”

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that the jackpot winners have to keep both Powerball and the Mega Millions with them for up to one year. In fact, they have to come within one year to come forward and claim the prize. Considering the person who won the prize money in November last year, they have just a couple of months left to claim the prize. 

Moreover, Becker also added that when the winner is identified, the world will know for sure. In fact, the California Law also mandates that the California Lottery will publicly tell the winner’s full name and total money once a public record has been made. However, as we mentioned earlier, there are no records available about the winner. 

What Will Happen If No One Comes To Receive The Prize?

What Will Happen If No One Comes To Receive The Prize?

According to the official law of the California Lottery, if no winner comes forward to take the prize money, then all the prize would be returned to “all the lotteries in proportion to their sales for the draw run”, as Becker stated herself. In fact, it’s worth noting that The California Policy will transfer any unclaimed lottery funds to the state’s public schools so that the education system can prosper. In fact, a lot of schools have already gotten lots of money this way. 

Readers would like to know that Joe’s Service Center was the one that sold the winning ticket to the unknown winner. The owner of this center was rewarded on his own right after drawing in November. According to the reports, Joseph Chahayed, the owner, received 1 million retailer selling bonus. 

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