Are Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Engaged? Rumors Surface

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn Engaged

Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn engaged? rumors have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. The extremely popular pop singer and her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn. The couple was spotted in more than one red carpet-event in the past several months.

However, Taylor recently took to addressing the matter in her new album Midnights. However, she just did not respond to the rumors in a way that her fans must have wanted. Instead of denying or accepting the claims, she just put into words how she felt about the media circus surrounding her life. 


In the first track of the album named Lavender Haze, Swift talks about how she finds all the hullabaloo regarding her relationship amusing. She does not want to confirm or deny anything as of now but remains a little while longer in the “lavender haze,” which is her way of saying she wants to let things be ambiguous.

For the time being, she seems to be quite sure about her position. Taylor also sings about how she finds it repulsive how the media only wants to know whether she is a casual fling or a devoted wife. 

According to the sensational diva, she picked up the phrase “lavender haze” from Mad Men and used it because it appealed to her imagination quite well. In her own words, the lavender haze refers to the kind of half-certain, a half-uncertain phase that love brings at first.

She wants to enjoy that fuzzy, warm feeling for some more time before confirming anything. That all-encompassing glow that surrounds all things when one falls in love is the point of focus here. Taylor couldn’t care less about what people think or say. She is in her love spiral and taking her time. 


A String of Relationships

While her current relationship is going extremely strong and we wish them all the best, this is not the first time Taylor Swift has been in the lavender haze so to speak. From musicians to movie stars she has dated one and all, and her penchant to dedicate a song to each one of them is just as iconic. The former Jonas Brothers frontman Joe Jonas was her first public breakup. The most brutal fact about that short-lived relationship was that Jonas decided to do it over a 27 second phone call. Taylor later wrote her songs “Last Kiss” and “Forever and Always” for Jonas. 

One of the most famous relationships Taylor was in was with Hollywood celebrity Jake Gyllenhal. The actor is famous for his roles in successful hits like Nightcrawler and Zodiac. Apparently, his relationship with Swift added several more feathers to his cap. Rumor has it the couple’s 10 year age gap was creating several problems in their relationship so they simply decided to call it quits. After that, we have all heard the famous scarf song where she alleges Jake still remembers her because she left her scarf at his sister’s house. 

A String of Relationships

After a string of heartbreaks, Taylor Swift has finally found love. At least that is what we all would like to believe with all our hearts. However, what remains to be seen is if Joe Alwyn proves to be the sweetheart she has been waiting for all her life. 


1. Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn still together?

Yes Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are still together. 

2. How old was Taylor when she met Alwyn?

Taylor was 27 and Alwyn was 26 when they started dating.

3. Who is Joe Alwyn married to?

Taylor Swift is the partner of Joe Alwyn. 

4. How many friends has Taylor Swift had?

Taylor Swift has had 9 boyfriends in all. 

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