Everything To Know About The Wonderful Wonder Woman Facts

Wonderful Wonder Woman Facts

There are lots of superheroes to admire in the DC and Marvel Universe. However, if you are looking for a badass superheroine, then Woman Woman’s name comes to our mind first. So, there are a lot of Wonder Woman facts to know about. Gal Gadot in the films has brought the character of Wonder Woman alive with her exquisite performance. 

In fact, she looks extremely beautiful in her Wonder Woman Avatar. Diana is not just a feminist icon in the whole DC universe but she has all the attributes of a superheroine. She’s kind, courageous, strong, and has charisma. It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with Wonder Woman from the comics or films, there are lots of crazy facts to know about this character. 

So, if you want to know the facts about Wonder Woman, then you are at the right place. This article lists some of the best wonder woman facts for you. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at this article. 

These Are Some Of The Coolest Wonder Woman Facts

Wonder Woman or Diana is a fan favorite character for DC lovers. Not just DC, if you like superheroes and heroines in general, then you’d definitely like Wonder Woman. She’s not just insanely strong in the comics and films but has multiple layers of personality. For example, she’s kind, courageous and has a certain ‘superheroine’ and reliable air about her. So, it’s worth noting that there are tons of facts to know about our beloved superheroine, Wonder Woman. 

1. The First Comics of Wonder Woman Were Banned

So, it’s worth noting that the Wonder Woman superheroine character was first introduced in Sensation Comics in 1942. However, it was a failure because the National Organization for Decent Literature considered Woman Woman obscene, majorly because of her revealing outfit. However, we have to keep in mind that the year was 1940, and the world wasn’t as progressive back then as much as it is now. 

2. The Creator Marston’s Enemy Inspired Him To Make Dr. Psycho

If you are here for the Wonder Woman facts, then let’s provide you with some cool ones. Did you know that the character Dr. Psycho is actually inspired by the creator Marston’s professor whom he didn’t like much? Hugo Munsterberg, for many reasons, felt that women should not make important decisions that may influence society in any way. In Wonder Woman, Dr. Psycho also exhibited a similar mindset and he put an effort to keep Wonder Woman or Diana from participating in the War. 

The First Comics of Wonder Woman Were Banned

3. No Man Shall Have An Entry Into Themyscira

So, as we know already, Wonder Woman aka Diana is from an island, invisible to humankind, named Themyscira. In other words, it’s the place where Wonder Woman along with the other Amazonians live and cherish their life free from the trouble. However, they have one motto: The island shall forbid the entry of men. If you have seen the movie Wonder Woman, then you’d know what we are talking about. Moreover, even in the comics as well, the amazons live together. They aren’t exactly fond of the other gender living with them. 

4. The First Ever Superheroine Was Wonder Woman

At present, we have lots of cool superheroines. From Captain Marvel to characters like Scarlet Witch, there are lots of cool and strong female heroic characters. However, it’s worth noting that Wonder Woman was the first ever superheroine to feature in a comic book. Now that’s an interesting fact about Wonder Woman that every fan should know. 

5. The First Female Member Of The Justice Society Was Wonder Woman

If you are reading this article about Wonder Woman facts, then of course, you should know already that she’s part of the Justice society. However, did you know that she was the first female member of this society? According to the sources, the Justice Society is an organization of superheroes and heroines that preceded the ‘Justice League’ of the comics/movies. So, Justice Society is a group of super vigilantes that Gardner Fox created, not William Marston. 

The First Ever Superheroine Was Wonder Woman

6. William Marston Almost Gave Another Name To Wonder Woman

So, this might come as a shocker to most fans but the creator of Wonder Woman, William Marston, almost gave another name to this character. He nearly called her Superma, The Wonder Woman, but thankfully, his editor intervented and rejected such an idea. 

7. Etta Is Also In The Comics

Etta Candy is not only a sidekick we see only in the films. So, as per the sources, the quirky sidekick Etta is also present in the comics. She’s a hilarious companion of Wonder Woman who never fails to give comic relief moments. 

8. Other ‘Wonder Woman’ Characters

The Island of the Amazonians doesn’t only have Diana aka Wonder Woman. In other words, there are other characters as well, such as Donna Troy, Queen Hippolyta, and others, who have become iconic superheroines. However, it’s true that Diana is the most popular Wonder Woman. 

Etta Is Also In The Comics

9. Lebanon Has Banned The Wonder Woman

It’s a controversial issue for sure but did you know that Lebanon has banned The Wonder Woman franchise? According to the sources, in 2017, during the release time of the movie, Lebanon was in a conflict with Israel. So, it’s worth noting that The Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot’s home country is Israel. Moreover, the actress has also served in the military. People also call her Miss Israel. 

In fact, she has been vocal about the love she has for her motherland, Israel. So, that’s why, Lebanon decided to drop the film The Wonder Woman from the theatres. In addition, the sequel to the first film, The Wonder Woman 1984, also met controversy for all the reasons we cited above. 

10. Diana Has A Sister 

Fans may already know this fact but for those of you who don’t know, you ought to know this. So, according to the reports, Diana has a sister whose name is Nubia. In fact, she has already appeared in the comics in 1973. Since then, she has been an ally of the Woman. Moreover, in the original issue of the comic, Nubia is described as Diana’s long-lost twin sister. 

11. The Comic Book Weiter Greg Rucka Confirmed Wonder Woman’s Sexuality

Now this is one of the craziest and most interesting The Wonder Woman facts for sure. So, it’s worth noting that Wonder Woman aka Diana is bisexual. Even though it should come as no surprise as she grew up on an island where only women inhabit, it’s a shocking fact for most fans. 

Diana Has A Sister 

12. Diana Can Wield Thor’s Hammer

One can only wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir if they are worthy enough. Everyone tried picking up Thor’s Hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron. From Iron Man aka Tony Stark, Hulk, and Hawkeye, everyone tried their best to pick up the Mjolnir. However, none of them could even push the hammer. 

Only Captain America aka Steve Rodgers, for a moment, felt as if to pick it up. However, even he wasn’t worthy at that time. Now, according to the theories, fans believe that Woman Wonder or Diana has the capability to do this task easily. She has the power, resolve, divine strength, and of course, worthiness to wield this divine hammer. 

13. Woman Woman’s Tiara Is A Weapon

In the movies, the fans of DC saw that Wonder Woman’s Tiara was just an heirloom that Antipone had given her. However, in the comics, she uses it as a weapon. So, in the comics, Wonder Woman could throw her Tiara like a boomerang at her enemies. It’s a sharp metal that can cut her enemies easily. In fact, once her Tiara cut Superman’s throat.

14. Cobie Smulders Voiced Wonder Woman In The Lego Movie

So, it’s worth noting that Cobie Smulders who plays the role of Maria Hill in MCU voiced Wonder Woman aka Diana in The Lego Movie. It’s a bit ironic because before Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, which she did fantastically well, fans thought that Cobie could do the role pretty well.

Woman Woman’s Tiara Is A Weapon

15. Gal Gadot Wasn’t The Only One To Take An Audition For The Role

Well, before Patty Jenkins chose Gal Gadot for the role of Diana aka Wonder Woman, many renowned actresses were considered. For example, actresses like Jessica Biel, Michelle Gellar, Eva Green, Kristen Stewart, and many other actresses auditioned for the role. However, eventually, the Israeli actress played the role and she did it amazingly well. 


So, that’s it for all the Wonder Woman facts. Diana is an incredible character in the DC comics and Gal Gadot has wonderfully portrayed the character’s charm on-screen.

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