Lifetime’s Girl In The Basement: A Look Into The Reality

Girl In The Basement

Do you want to know about the reality of Lifetime’s Girl In The Basement? Well, the hair-rising tale of the diabolical father is indeed quite thrilling. So, there are a lot of facts about it that you need to know. 

If you follow Lifetime, then you will see that nowadays they put a lot of focus on the ‘Ripped From The Headlines’ Series. Well, that momentum will not stop any time soon for sure. Especially, their latest movie Girl in the Basement has become incredibly popular. The movie is a hair-raising tale about a diabolical father who imprisoned his daughter in their basement for 25 years. 

So, a lot of people have questions about the whole movie. For instance, is it a real story or is it a fake one? Of course, the directors of the film have dramatized some of the events in the picture. However, the core remains the same and now it’s important to know whether the story is true or not. 

In this article, we will talk about Girl In The Basement movie and also about its origin. So, if you want to know some interesting facts about this movie then you are at the right place. 

A Peek Into The Story Behind Girl In The Basement

So, a lot of facts have come to the surface that reaffirms our hold that the reality of the movie is chilling indeed. If you are someone who hasn’t watched the film yet and still wishes to know the gist of it, then let’s provide you with the insights. 

As per the reports, the movie Girl In The Basement focuses on the tragic story of Sara. The Actress Stefanie Scott has played the role of Sara in this film. So, in this film, Sara’s father has taken her captive in their family basement. The name of her father is Don and Judd Nelson is the one who played this character. 

In the movie Girl In The Basement, Sara’s father even lied to his wife, the mother of Sarah Irene. He said that their daughter has run away. However, the truth was something else. In other words, the diabolical father kept her daughter in the basement for around two decades. 

He did all sorts of heinous things as well to her daughter. For example, Sara’s father Don in the film Girl in the basement tortured her and even sexually assaulted her.

So, in the process, Sara gave birth to a lot of children along the way. In order to work through this, Don takes the youngest one to Irene and raises him together. So, Sara’s father even convinced Irene that Sara sent the little baby from wherever she ran off to. 

In the film, Sara eventually escaped and she even takes to the press with her story as well. So, the movie closes on her family having to come to terms with what Sara’s father has done over the years. 

The Story Is Based On A True Incident

The wildest part of the movie is the fact that Lifetime’s depiction isn’t that far off at all from reality. In other words, the movie is based on a true story. According to the sources, Elizabeth Fritzi is the name of the original character who had to face all of that. 

Girl in the Basement movie offers a take on Elisabeth Fritzi, a young Austrian’s tragic struggle to escape captivity. So, the sources tell that Elisabeth’s father held her captive from around 1984 to 2008. He drugged her with ether and then even handcuffed her in the basement. 

Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that the diabolical father made her write a note to her mother. He told her to write that he had run away to cover her tracks. On top of that, Elisabeth’s father even sexually assaulted her almost on a regular basis. Due to that, he even left pregnant almost 7 times. He continued the heinous act for almost 24 long years. 

Just like the film, Elisabeth’s father even attempted to raise the children upstairs with his wife and claimed that their daughter had sent those babies to them. After some time, in the year 2008, on 19th April, she finally managed to get out of the chamber. The public raised a lot of questions and then she brought the entire situation to light. 

What Does Elisabeth Do Now?

The Girl In The Basement has surely unveiled a lot of facts about the whole story. No wonder Elisabeth had to go through an ordeal in her life. For 24 long years, she endured the sexual assault of her father, resulting in 7 children. So, she’s trying to live a normal life, despite all that trauma. 

Currently, she has changed her name and gone to a small town in Austria with her children. According to the sources, she is trying to overcome the trauma. The new home is providing her security and she’s even romantically involved with her bodyguard.