How Enrichment Classes Can Help your Child

Enrichment Classes

One of the biggest trends in Singapore’s world-class education system is the rise of enrichment classes. These lessons go above and beyond what is available and possible in the traditional classroom. These classes can unlock a child’s potential through more focused instruction. This is why these programs have grown in popularity across the country.

As a parent, you have likely come across enrichment programs, even at your child’s school. This post offers important information on enrichment classes in Singapore to help you make the best decision for your child.

What’s an Enrichment Class?

Before you rush to enrol your child into the first enrichment class you find, it’s advisable to understand what this aspect of learning entails. Enrichment in a learning environment is about making a subject more meaningful by going more in-depth.

Children get the opportunity to go what they learn in school and explore further. There’s more freedom to employ their imagination and this boosts the rate of learning and retention. Students in enrichment classes take full advantage of their personal qualities in learning.

The best enrichment classes in Singapore now cover more than the academic syllabus. Classes range from brain training, financial literacy, natural sciences, robotics and programming classes, abacus classes, speech training, art and craft classes, dance classes, drama, and much more. Most enrichment programs fall under:

  • Language Enrichment Programs
  • Academic Enrichment Programs
  • Sports & Recreation Enrichment Programs
  • Arts Enrichment Programs
  • Science and Technology Enrichment Programs

This extensive range of topics distinguishes enrichment classes from ordinary tuition classes.

Benefits of Enrichment Classes in Singapore

With this insight on enrichment classes, it’s easier to decide as a parent. Here are more ways these classes can help your child:

Exposure to New Experiences

Every parent would like their child to get exposure to new things but it’s not easy to facilitate this. Working schedules are tighter than ever and while you might want to take your child to that sporting program, this might not be possible.

An enrichment class comes as a godsend because it offers new experiences for your child to learn outside the class setting. From sports, art, sciences to languages, enrichment schools have diverse experiences that promote your child’s development.


Getting your child out of the usual setting and into a new learning environment also boosts their social skills. Enrichment classes enrol students with similar interests and it’s thus easier for them to form friendships and also cooperate in learning. At the same time, teachers also cultivate a culture of independence and the students understand how to respect each other’s boundaries when working.

For High Achieving Students

If your child is always ahead of the teacher or they don’t have a challenge with maths or sciences, an enrichment class is a perfect idea.  Children learn at different paces and if your child is gifted, there’s no reason to limit their learning.

Enrichment means they can now use their imagination to explore beyond what’s taught in the classroom. The teachers present new challenges in specific subjects or outside the academic syllabus to help your child’s growth.

For Low-Achieving Students

Enrichment classes can also benefit slow learners immensely. Using custom learning experiences allows a child grasp the most complex ideas in any subject. Most students struggle with maths, and enrichment programs use innovative teaching methods to promote understanding.

There are additional learning resources, assignments and one-on-one interactions between the teacher and learners. The students also interact with peers and help each other and this boosts their confidence.

All-rounded Learning

Enrichment classes in Singapore focus more on the child and not structures. The child is allowed to explore and become creative and an enabling environment is provided. These programs are also founded on holistic development of the child beyond academics. There are fun activities to promote physical and emotional growth.

Expand Learning Abilities

There’s a huge trend in Singapore’s education system where parents now turn to innovative and cutting-edge techniques for their child’s learning. From brain training to innovative study techniques, enrichment classes in Singapore have it all. The idea is to expand a child’s learning capability or unlock their full potential using techniques not available in the traditional classroom.

Creative Outlet

Kids go through a lot of problems in their families and communities. Like adults, they need the best outlet for their pain, anger, or frustrations. In the traditional classroom, there’s little room for such an outlet. Luckily, the programs and activities in enrichment classes offer room for a healthy outlet for kids dealing with different problems. From painting, soccer, and dancing to playing instruments, various creative outlets are available for the child.

Wrapping Up

An enrichment class in Singapore allows your child to develop to their full potential. These classes present an ideal setting for your child to learn beyond the classroom. Many children have hidden talents that can only be discovered through extra nurturing and individual teaching.

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