What Size Power Rack Do I Need?

What Size Power Rack Do I Need

Sturdy and versatile, power racks are a necessary addition to any home gym. This piece of equipment allows you to safely do squats, bench press, deadlifts, and more using barbells with heavy weight. There are many different sizes and styles used for weightlifting, which can make it difficult to know which type is ideal for your needs. You’ll need to consider several factors when choosing the right size power rack.

What Weight Capacity Do You Need?

Whether you are looking at squat racks, half racks, or full power cages, consider what weight capacity you need. Keep in mind that the capacity of the rack should be far above what you think you may actually be lifting.

While lower-capacity racks may be more economical and help save you some money on a low budget. Some racks have a limit of as low as 500 pounds while others reach 1000 or even 1500 pounds. If you’re a more experienced lifter who is used to handling heavier weight, a 500- or 700-pound power rack probably won’t cut it for you. While 1000 pounds is a high enough weight capacity for most people, especially strong powerlifters may want to consider a 1200- to 1500-pound rack if lifting much more than the average person.

How Tall Should the Power Rack Be? 

Power racks come in a variety of heights and may range from 71 inches to 91 inches. The average rack rests in between these measurements at around 84 inches. Most people will do fine with an average or short power rack, but this depends on your height of course.

If you’re taller than the average man, reaching or exceeding seven feet, you’ll need a taller model to ensure the top bar doesn’t hit your head when used. On the other hand, if you’re on the shorter side, a tall power rack is likely unnecessary for your needs and just takes up extra space.

How Much Space Do You Have? 

The size of the room you have available for your home gym is another major factor consider when shopping for the best power racks 2021. Make sure to measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling so you don’t buy a model that is too tall from the room.

If you’re setting up your workout area in a garage or extra-large room, you have more space to look for a rack with fancy features. However, a small bedroom or corner of a living area limits you in what you can buy.

What Features Do You Want? 

The workouts you want to be able to do may require extra features that only come with a larger rack. If you just need a rack that can accomplish the basics, a simple squat rack may be enough for your needs. However, if you want a pull-up bar, dip handles, plate holders, band pegs, and other options that open more possibilities for how you can use your power rack, you need to invest in a larger cage.

While there are many high-quality power racks to consider, the model you choose should allow you to get a great workout while remaining within a budget you’re comfortable with. To shop the best selection of racks and create the home gym of your dreams, browse equipment from a trusted fitness distributor today.

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