Dig Into Some Riveting Facts On Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy, Kaiis Steven & Kian William, The Children Of Geena Davis

Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy
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Do you want to know about Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy, Kaiis, and Kian? Well, you have guessed it right- they are the children of Geena Davis. A lot of you might know about Geena Davis, the American actress, activist, and former model. Well, as per the reports, she just loves her children and doesn’t want them to become actors and actresses. In fact, she says that if her children doesn’t become actors then she’d have done her job right.

We know that Geena Davis has lived her life really well on and off the camera. So, in this article, we will talk about her children, Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy,  & Kian William. So, if you wish to know about the Davis’ children then you are at the correct place.

Here’s An Overview Of Geena Davis’ Children

So, it’s worth noting that Geena Davis, who is 65 years old now, has three children with her ex-husband Reza Jarrahy. The activist and American actress Geena had her first daughter Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy when she was 46 years old. Moreover, she gave birth to her twin sons Kaiis and Kian at the age of 48.

In an interview, she said that she considered herself lucky for having kids late. Moreover, she has also said that it’s a great experience to become a mother. In fact, she added that becoming a mother of twins was also pretty fun.

So, if you want to know more about the children then let’s take a look at their individual lives. For example, let’s start with Alizeh, her first child.

Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy

So, did you know that Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy is currently 19 years old now? Actually, it’s worth noting that she is the first child and daughter of Geena and Reza. So, she was born in the year 2002 in LA, California.

As per the reports, Alizeh has maintained quite a low profile. Therefore, we don’t have much info about her private affairs. However, it’s true that she enjoys a lavish lifestyle thanks to her parents. Well, despite that, Geena has made sure that her children learn the value of hard work.

As an activist herself, she knows the value of money and time. Moreover, as we said earlier, she doesn’t want her kids to become actors. In addition, it’s worth noting that Alizeh’s mother Geena has become an advocate for diversity in the Hollywood film industry. Moreover, she has also warned Alizeh and her other children about the uphill struggle for women in the Hollywood industry- both onscreen and offscreen.

She has spoken about how she tries to empower her daughter Alizeh- “I can’t stop our culture from sending disempowering messages to my daughter, no matter how much I limit her media exposure….But I can tell her that it’s wrong…I can teach her that it’s unfair and needs to change.”

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy

Now let’s meet one of the twins, Kaiis, who is 17 years old. Well, it’s no wonder that she loves her boys as much as she loves her girl Alizeh. Moreover, we have already mentioned how amazing it was for Geena to become the mom of twins.

Kian William Jarrahy

Well, Kian is the twin brother of Kaiis and the little brother of Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy. Like his brother, he too is 17 years old because they are twins. In fact, Geena was around 48 years old when Kian and Kaiis blessed her and Reza. The pair were born in the year 2004 on 6th May. It’s worth noting that Geena and Reza are no longer together. In other words, they have divorced in the year 2018.