Is Village Discount Outlet Store Good? Check Out Some Alternative Thrifting Stores

Village discount outlet store

Thrift shopping has become immensely popular these days. For instance, you can get amazing clothes, furniture, and vintage items at pretty low prices. It’s a steal if you ask us. Moreover, you can also make lots of profits as well. Going to a thrifting village discount outlet store is a fantastic idea because you get great items at a low price.

There are a lot of classy outlets for thrift shopping that you can explore. Especially if you are in the US, and looking for thrifting stores in Chicago, Illinois areas, then you are in luck. As we know, the Village discount Outlet store is a great one that offers a lot of items at a low cost. It’s a chain of discount thrift stores that has locations in Chicago Illinois, surrounding areas, and also in Hammond region.

However, if you cannot go there, or looking for other options, then don’t worry. As we said earlier, there are lots of other options for a thrifting store that you can definitely check out. So, in this article, we shall take a look at the village discount outlet store and find out some alternatives as well. So, now’s the time to go through this article and find out everything that you need to know about this store and the alternative options.

Here Are The Best Thrifting Shops In Chicago Area 

If you are from Chicago, Illinois, then you must have heard of the Village discount outlet store, right? Well, even if you haven’t, then let us tell you that it’s a thrifting store. In other words, they sell a lot of beautiful products at low price. Naturally, people tend to visit stores to get the items that they want. From beautiful clothes to equipment, and vintage items, there is a lot of stuff that one can get from such a store.

However, there are a lot of other options available apart from the Village discount outlet store. So, if you are curious, then it’s time to follow the list. We will share some of the best thrifting stores in Chicago, Illinois. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list.

1. Village Discount Outlet Store

Well, as we mentioned earlier, the Village discount outlet store actually refers to the chain of discount thrift stores in Chicago, Illinois, and surrounding areas. The locations include Chicago heights and Hammond in NW Indiana as well. As per the sources, it’s a small retail company in Illinois with only 25 employees. The company has an annual revenue of 4.3 million USD as well. Moreover, the HQ of this company is in Alsip, IL. It’s a private organization if you want to know. Furthermore, the Village discount outlet is also ranked 66 on the best retail companies to work for in the Illinois chart.

2. Mount Sinai Hospital Resale Shop 

Next, we have the mount Sinai Hospital resale shop on west Diversey parkway, which is one of the classiest thrift stores to check out. The sources tell us that thrift shoppers will find numerous pieces of furniture and items from the mid-centuries.

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that you will get a wall of beautiful shoes and a wide range of selection of suits and ties. For those who are looking for some high-end items, this store has designer treasures as well.


If you are looking for thrift shops like Village discount outlet store, you can try out UNIQUE. According to the sources, it has several locations in Chicago. For instance, on Halsted Street, you will find one of their outlets. UNIQUE is part of an international chain that operates more than 300 stores and it includes Value village as well. People generally visit the store on Mondays because of the huge discounts.

4. Goodwill

There are a lot of thrifting outlets available like the village discount outlet store, and one of them is Goodwill on west Washington boulevard. In fact, it’s one of the best out there in Chicago. You will find lots of new and rare items in this place as well. From new pair of designer shoes to a soft couch, you can find a lot of stuff here in Goodwill.

5. Brown Elephant

Next, we have another thrift shopping place known as Brown Elephant. As per the sources, this place has several locations. In fact, it’s affiliated with Howard Brown Health agency. The sources tell us that there are three locations for Brown Elephant: Andersonville, Oak Park, and Lakeview. This thrifting shop is one of the best for sure if you have a thing for vintage furniture and items.

6. Monarch Thrift Shop

Last but not least, let’s conclude our list with Monarch Thrift Shop. According to the sources, it’s one of the best thrifting shops on Milwaukee Avenue, USA. So, the shop has well-stacked items with lots of discounts on rare items. Moreover, you can also leave donations here if you like as all of them go towards helping different organizations to serve vulnerable populations worldwide.


At the end of the day, we can see that there are lots of alternative options available to the Village discount outlet store. So, hopefully, this article helped you know some other options.